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  1. Wow that does not sound like a nice book! And sad that actual friends used it against you 🙁 Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  2. Danielle, I agree with you. Like most things, power itself is not bad. It is the misuse that is a problem.

  3. Yuck, that sounds like the wrong way to do business. Use your power wisely. I firmly believe in karma!

  4. It’s all about choice. I’ve never really considered power to be associated with ‘evil’, it is our internal power which holds our personal boundaries for us. It is the misuse of power that runs people into problems 😉

  5. It is too bad that the business failed. I see this all too often when people misuse their power. It’s sad

  6. Some people are power hungry and if can be hurtful to those around them. I am glad that I do not have people like that in my life.

  7. Power can be used to do amazingly positive things in this world. It’s a shame everyone doesn’t do this.

  8. I see this everyday in businesses I work with. LOL @Pam.

  9. Power is definitely a good thing when used in the right way. We all have varying degrees of power and must decide how to use it.

  10. I think power is great when used correctly. Many only use for negative purposes and this destroys.

  11. I love having power for positive things. I always like to give credit where credit is due.

  12. I love having power, but like you said – only for using for positive things.

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