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Power Up Weekend

October 20, 2012 is Power Up Weekend in Washington, DC. For those who  are not familiar with Power Up Weekend, it is a conference for women where ever they are in life who are seeking to be more powerful. When I first heard about Power Up Weekend I saw it advertised as  a conference for every woman from the stay at home mom, to the small business owner, to the successful career woman who wanted to meet similar women, network and become more powerful. I was particularly excited about the fact that the conference is having a special conference within the conference for girls age 14 to 17. As the mother of a 16 year old daughter, I was excited about a conference that would help my teenie bopper be a more powerful “her.”

The only other conference I attended this year was PhillyHomeHer which was hosted by my friend Pam Brown Margolis. It was a small conference where I got to speak with each attendee. I inspired some and was inspired by others. It was a great experience and I look forward to attending again in the future.  Power Up Weekend, is a much larger event. There will be women of all ages and stations in life from all across the country at Power Up Weekend. I am not worried about the prospect of attending a larger conference however because if the organizers of the conference are anything like Power Mommy Uneeka Jay, my friend and introduction to the conference, I will be surrounded by caring, committed people who are looking forward to meeting people like me and helping me get where I want to go in life.

When I was chosen to be a social media ambassador for the event I was truly honored. When you take a look at the social media team for the event, you will understand why I felt so honored. This is a group of dynamic women are successful at what they do and represent a broad array of interests and abilities. In addition, when I saw the list of distinguished speakers I was excited and wondered if I would be able to hear all of them during the conference. The speakers are women who have done some amazing things and will have great stories to tell and wonderful experiences to share. All the speakers are going to be great, but I am personally excited about the session on using vision boards, the power of personal branding, the purpose of purity (for my teenie bopper, after 22 wonderful years of marriage, this is not a personal need), and the session on stylish power.

Every few days I get an email from the Power Up Weekend organizers telling me about some new and great feature. Today for example, I was told I could give away three $50 discount passes to members of my social network. If you are interested in receiving one, let me know as soon as possible. I know they will go quickly. So, stop reading this, and go NOW to the Power Up Weekend website and register for the conference. I truly look forward to seeing you in DC and to you becoming a more powerful you.