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Prepare for the Morning The Night Before #McCafeMyWay #ad #CollectiveBias

Instead, I am up at 6:30 am so that I can start getting my son up and out of the house for school. If I am going to be completely honest, some morning the bed feels so good I do not want to leave. Since I know this about myself, I prepare for the morning the night before. I always tell my children, “You don’t get ready, you stay ready.” With this in mind, I try to get the things I will need in the morning prepared the night before. There is nothing worse than trying to find shoes, book bags and homework at 7 am while you wait for the 7:35 am school bus!

Five years ago, my son got me an automatic coffee maker for Mother’s Day. That coffee maker is beat up and has a bunch of replacement parts, but it still works. I have an alarm on my cell phone that goes off at 10pm each night and tells me to set up the coffee pot for the morning. I need to mention that the McCafé coffee comes in whole bean form, ground and in coffee pods. Of course I picked the premium bag because I am using my tried and true old coffee maker
I add just enough McCafé coffee and water to the coffee maker to make three cups of coffee. I set the alarm for 6:25. This means the coffee pot will start at 6:25 am so that by the time I get to the kitchen at 6:35 the coffee is ready to pour into my cup. I wonder how those women at the coffee houses do it? How are they able to get up, get the family up and out of the house, get themselves looking gorgeous all withouthalving a cup of coffee at home? There is no way I could wait until I got to the coffee-house hours into my day for that first cup of coffee. I like waking up to the smell of McCafé coffee waiting for me in my kitchen at home helping me get up and meet the day head on and with a smile.
The day starts with me turning off the alarm and getting up so I can get my son out of bed. If you have a pre-teen you know what I am talking about. You have to get the child to wake up, convince the child it is a school day and then make sure your bundle of joy gets to the bathroom to wash up. At my house I must explain that washing up is mandatory. “Yes, you must wash up even if you smell good.” “Yes, you must brush your teeth.” “Yes you must put on clean clothes.” “No, you cannot wear the dirty jeans from the playground yesterday.” “Yes, I am the meanest mother ever.” While he is preparing for the day, I make my way to the kitchen and pour my coffee in to my favorite cup.  I always use the same purple travel mug with the leak proof, spill proof lid. After taking a breath, I take along slow sip and say, “aaahhhhhh.”
One of the great things about the McCafé Breakfast Blend Light Ground Coffee is that it has a really nice flavor. I do not like strong coffee. Pardon the pun, but it is just not my cup of tea. The McCafé Breakfast Blend Light Ground Coffee is smooth, pleasant smelling and delicious. It tastes like a premium coffee. This means when I drink it in the morning I feel luxurious, like I am giving myself a special treat. It definitely tastes like coffee, but it is not strong or biter at all. I like the fact that it is smooth in my mouth and warms my belly as I drink it.
I also have twin girls at home, so I also get to repeat the get up, it’s morning routine with both of them. I am so glad my girls have different tastes in clothes so they don’t feel the need to fight over clothes. But, having a nice cup of McCafé coffee makes it easier to go through the every morning conversations. You know, the ones –  “I can’t eat that for breakfast.” “You don’t even know what the letter for today is, do you.” “Mom, why can’t I just wear these out of season, too small clothes?” When I have my hot coffee, I listen to these conversations and laugh to myself. When I do not have my hot coffee, I roll my eyes and wish the school us would come 20 minutes early.
There are no two ways about it, for me, getting up at 6:30 am stinks. The prospect of having a nice cup of hot coffee with my favorite creamer really does put a smile on my face. The great thing about me using the automatic coffee maker is that I don’t have to wander, still half asleep into the kitchen to set everything up. Instead, when I walk into the kitchen, the coffee is already made, the entire first floor of the house smells warm and inviting and I am good to go. I do not understand how some people are able to get up, get the kids and spouse out of the house and then go to their favorite coffee-house for coffee. That would never work for me. I need to have my coffee in the house in the morning to start the day with me.
The McCafé coffee, is made with 100% Arabica beans which means it is a premium coffee. It is harvested from the rich soils and mountainous regions of the foremost coffee-growing areas of the world. You can go to Walmart and choose from 8 different flavors:
McCafé Premium Roast Medium Ground Coffee
McCafé Premium Roast Medium DeCaf Ground Coffee
McCafé Breakfast Blend Light Ground Coffee
McCafé Columbian Medium-Dark Ground Coffee
McCafé Hazelnut Light Ground Coffee
McCafé French Roast Dark Ground Coffee
McCafé French Roast Dark Whole Bean Coffee
McCafé French Vanilla Light Ground Coffee
My favorite is the McCafé Breakfast Blend, a light roast, which the package calls “rich and vibrant.” I think I picked that package at first because who would not want to feel rich and vibrant in the morning and throughout the day. I one and a half cups of coffee each morning while getting everyone in my house up and out on the way. I am a work at home mom. I work as a business consultant, writer and social media manager. Usually around 11:30 am or 12:00 pm I am in the mood for another cup of coffee so I go to the kitchen and pour myself the rest of the McCafé Breakfast Blend Light Ground Coffee in the coffee pot. I know that is closer to lunch time than breakfast, but I am a rebel and I drink my coffee when I want my coffee!
Sometimes, when I am having a good day, you know, one of those days when everything is going okay, nothing major is going wrong. In the afternoon an hour before the children are due to come home, I make another cup of coffee and sit in a comfy chair, grab my e-reader and read a book. I always pick a mystery book, never a business book. This is a treat I sneak in and enjoy all by myself. It is a special “me” moment that I look forward to enjoying. Do you ever sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a book in the middle of the day? If you have not, you really should try it. The morning cup of coffee is kind of medicinal. It wakes you up and let’s you know it is time to get down to business. The afternoon cup of coffee is enjoyable. It is a cup of coffee that you get because you earned it by putting in work. The afternoon cup of coffee is a treat that is sipped slowly, with no purpose in mind other then enjoyment and relaxation.
My secret for getting my morning off to a good start is setting up the coffee maker the night before so my coffee is ready for me in the morning. This no fuss, no muss routine helps me start the day with a smile. What is your secret for starting the day with a smile?

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  • I need coffee every morning to get going! I've never tried the McCafe brand but I definitely will now!!

  • I just recently gave up coffee and it is such a struggle. McCafe coffee is so good

  • This is one of my favorite coffees! I love adding a bit of cream and sugar too. The K Cups are awesome!

  • I am more of a energy drink person. However, I can relate to needing the caffeine boost to start the day.

  • I can't even get my day started without some coffee! Thanks for letting me know about McCafe!

  • I love McCafe specialty drinks! I hope they come out with these too!

  • I am definitely not a morning person. Hand over that coffee!

  • I love McDonald's coffee more than anything. I'll definitely be looking for this.

  • I love my Keurig and I am always looking for new flavors to add to my collection! I need to try these McCafe cups!!!

  • I am lucky to have a kid in high school who doesn't need to be at school until 9:30. The coffee is a big must have each morning.

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