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Procrastination – If Depression Causes It, Get Help — 30 Comments

  1. Are you looking in my window? Your posts are always spot on – exactly what I need to read.

  2. That was nice that you got proof from the psychiatrist. Thank you for sharing your moving story about getting out of depression.

  3. LOL! I do think sometimes it really DOES cause me depression because if I have to keep thinking about it … and stress, now that I think about it too!

  4. I think it is often overlooked that procrastination might not just be a product of laziness. Thanks for this post. – Katy

  5. Very good to have some coping techniques for down days.

  6. Your posts are always so uplifting and helpful. I love how motivating you are.

  7. Depression used to cause me to sleep, sleep, sleep. I guess that was procrastination, but then again I wasn’t working so it didn’t really matter.Now it would though!

  8. I procrastinate so much but it’s not because of depression. Those with depression should get help.

  9. I am a precastinar with some things I do not think it’s from depression it’s just because I am either busy, lazy or do not want to be bothered!

  10. Great post and I love that it brings awareness to the face that depression can cause procrastination. I don’t think may people know this.

  11. Such an important post, and it will help a lot of people.

  12. I didn’t realize the two often times go hand in hand!

  13. This Is A Great Idea Everybody Needs To Vent, I Personally Haven’t Gotten To This Point But Good To Know There Is Help Out There!

  14. What great advice! I definitely struggle with procrastination as well as time management issues. Thanks for this useful info, so important!

  15. Oh really this is a sad cycle. Someone in my family suffers from this, it is hard.

  16. This post really resounded with me. Depression can definitely steal your motivation, I have been there.

  17. For me, it’s usually social media that causes me to procrastinate 🙂 However I have seen first-hand that depression causes my oldest daughter to procrastinate – especially when it comes to finding work. Thanks for the helpful post.

  18. I can see this would cause depression to build up. I try to stay on track to avoid this issue.

  19. So true- I have been depressed at times and my desire to do anything seems to disappear. It can be serious if not recognize. Great post.

  20. I could not agree more! Depression often causes people to just sit there instead of doing something.

  21. Absolutely! Whenever my husband gets overwhelmed and depressed, instead of tacking his to-do list, he takes a nap!

  22. For me it’s not depression it’s called stumble upon it can be so addictive and raises my procrastination to the next level, back to the subject yes, I think people tends to procrastinate more when they are depressed.

  23. It is very clear what when times get tough, I get lazy…it seems like things jjust get harder and harder. Anyway, this is great to share with everyone because some people might not know what to look for or that this would classify as depressions.

  24. I get in slumps sometimes, but I don’t think it’s actually depression. I think it’s that it’s my body’s way to telling me to take a break.

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