• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

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Procrastination – If Depression Causes It, Get Help

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It is terrific to know that if depression causes you to procrastinate you can get help. There are so many reasons why people procrastinate and put things off for some unknown day that may never come. An increasingly common reason for procrastination is depression. Over the past few months several of my friends and acquaintances have been devastated by suicides in their close circles. Depression may initially cause people to procrastinate as suffers sit in bed or refuse to move. Look at your life and if depression is causing you to procrastinate, get help.

It is terrific to take action now so that depression does not destroy your life. I am a member of the Pushing Lovely Facebook group and website. Our mission is to push women writers to be their best. Just two months ago we sponsored a movement called #DayofLight, due to several high-profile suicides in the media recently, suicides in our circles and the suicide of my daughter’s former art teacher we decided to work together to bring depression out of darkness and into light by sharing our own stories. Just recently, a blogger we were familiar with and whose work and mission we respected and perhaps admired also succumbed to suicide. 

Each person who has experienced depression has a different story to tell. Whatever your story, take action now and put an end to suffering alone. Bring depression out of the dark. I don’t have a deep, hit rock bottom depression story. I didn’t even think I was depressed. I thought my husband and daughter were getting on my nerves more than usual. I was cranky, but I thought it was because they were just being more annoying than usual. I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep, but everyone loses sleep sometimes right? I was frustrated, but business was slow, my clients weren’t paying on time, so of course I should have been upset, right? Well, I got sick of my husband and my daughter blaming me, telling me there was something wrong with me, telling me I should go see someone. I decided it was time to take action now, so I got information from my professional organization, got a referral to a psychologist and went to see her. 

 The office was the stereotypical shrink’s office with a chair for the psychologist and a couch and chair for me. I sat on the couch and we talked. I started off coming to see her once per week for two months, then two months of once every other week. The two months of once per month visits. Then, I was all done. We talked, she asked questions, I answered them. I learned some great coping techniques. Some, I am still using seven years later. It seems that my husband and daughter had been correct. There was something wrong with me, I had been depressed. I didn’t recognize it myself, but I needed to take action now and get some help. I am glad I did. My story, like many, has a happy ending. You cannot imagine the joy I get from telling my family members, “I am not crazy, I have papers to prove it!” When you take action now and get help for your depression, you will be able to share that retort with your family. 

If you are in a situation where your family or friends are telling you there is something wrong with you, don’t assume they are all wrong. Don’t think they must be the crazy ones. It may be you! Do what I did, take action now and get some help. You will be glad you did. I am glad I got sick of my family complaining and did something about it. My story has a happy ending and never got to be a rock bottom story because I got help. I couldn’t fix it alone. I needed a professional to help me get better. I made the decision to take action now and got help. If you need help, be sure to check Pushing Lovcly resource page for help with depression, found at http://bit.ly/1k22VUp.

 It is terrific to know that if depression causes you to procrastinate you can get help. It is terrific to take action now so that depression does not destroy your life. So, the question for you this terrific day is, will today be the day you take action now to stop depression from causing you to procrastinate?