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No Procrastination – Pick Something and Do It! — 65 Comments

  1. Great advice! I usually have so much to do that I get overwhelmed and hardly anything gets done

  2. It’s so easy to procrastinate, especially with all of the beautiful weather that we’ve been enjoying lately. You are right – it is important to set priorities and do what has to be done!

  3. I’m horrible about procrastinating. I’m actually procrastinating going and filming videos right now :/

  4. I need this. I need this on my office wall! lol

  5. I only just need an assistant, everything is important 🙂

  6. Very true because when your procrastinate you don’t get things done. Like what the saying says, don’t wait for tomorrow what you can do today.

  7. Sometimes it’s the “taking the steps” part that makes the whole thing really difficult. Procrastination is what I battle every day! Such a great post this is!

  8. I find I procrastinate most with house work – my LEAST favorite thing to do.

  9. I love this! Literally, we can avoid procrastination if we don’t let ourselves to fall into… I was been procrastinating and decided one day to finished everything, and I did which made me so proud of myself. 🙂

  10. I used to be the queen of procrastination. Now, when I say something, I try my best to do it right away. Too many missed opportunities when I procrastinate.

  11. I need more time in the day! I love making a to-do list and adding even the smallest of tasks. Make me feel productive just crossing them off.

  12. I used to never, ever procrastinate… but that was before the days of the computer and phone and iPad, etc. Now there are just so many distractions that keep me from focusing on 1 thing at a time. I’m not sure if I’m procrastinating, or just keep getting distracted 🙂

  13. How timely! I spent six hours last night buckling down with some spring cleaning, re-organizing and thrift store roundups. It feels great!

  14. This is a great post. We procrastinate all too often. Many times it is started with our desire for perfection that causes us to procrastinate. I know that once many of use release the desire to perfect things, we’ll get so much more done.

  15. So true! I need to remember this, probably on a daily basis honestly. 😉

  16. I have to fill out camp forms for my kids – totally procrastinating – but I should just DO IT! I put the pro in proscrastination!

  17. I am a bad procrastinator. I am working on it though.

  18. The fastest way to get something done is to start it. 🙂 It sounds simple, but it’s very, very true.

  19. your posts are always a kick in the pants!! i NEED that!!

  20. I’m horrible about procrastinating. Procrastination is that toxic friend for me. I need to be better.

  21. I’m such a procrastinator. I woke up this morning at 3:30 and I was procrastinating for an hour before actually doing something =(.

  22. Oh how I wish this was as easy as it sounds! But I like to be an example to my kids and often say, hesitation gets you no where – do it!

  23. I love how motivating you are and you really tell it like it is. If you want something do it. I was just reminding myself of that the other day. Why put off doing something tomorrow when you can do it today? Great tips thanks

  24. Yes! I’m definitely over procrastination. I don’t do it anymore, but now I have a new problem: culling my to-do list!

  25. I am definitely a procrastinator. I am working on getting more of my tasks done.

  26. Yes, sometimes you do have to just do i! Like the Nike slogan says!

  27. This is perfect for those that struggle with procrastination and lack of motivation.

  28. I’ve been taking that piece of advice to heart lately. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone more and more.

  29. Ok, ok, you got me! I’ve put off exercising too long. Tomorrow is a new day!

  30. My oldest son needs to read this post. He is such a procrastinator. Your right just pick something and do it. No more waiting, get it done. Great post!

  31. I am doing just this – tomorrow I am starting to redo my spare bedroom. No more excused!

  32. The most important thing for me is to is take care of my kids, work, and home duties.

  33. I have so much on my plate right now! I think I should prioritize! First things first- I need to write it all down!

  34. Janeane I swear you wrote this one for me. I am currently battling MBD (Mommy Brain Drain) and feel so scattered!

  35. that’s me, I am so bad. When it’s something I really do not want to deal with I am a BIG procrastinator.

  36. I’m trying to start my day with like an action list with the top 5 most important things to do! Nice ideas.

  37. I procrastinate on tons of things. Each time I come to your blog, I know I’m gonna get inspired though. Thanks!!

  38. I am not a big procrastinator. I am usually the person that jumps right in, sometimes to my detriment

  39. I need you in my ear all day long, Janeane! I am the worst procrastinator, and I KNOW it but still find it so hard to change!

  40. I need to send this post to my daughter, for me I usually just get distracted which seems like procrastination.

  41. This is so important! I love the quote. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much I have to do and just decide not to start it.

  42. You are so right about choosing the most important thing on the list. You just have to start!

  43. Love this tip!! I always have a list going and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming!

  44. Very inspiring post, this is really me. I usually have long list of to do list and most of the time when i started it and find out the result may takes time. I always have this tendency that I loss interest. I have to be focus and be more patient i guess.

  45. I love this post- thanks for the inspiration.

  46. Yes! Procrastination is something I struggle with from time to time. Tweeted your quote.

  47. Janeane I needed this post! I suffer in pain daily and sometimes I cannot get everything done and I procrastinate, but I usually get a few things done. Today hasn’t been that productive for me. I did vacuum just about the whole house though 🙂

  48. I’m guilty of procrastinating, and I wish I wasn’t. I try daily to improve on this.

  49. I tend to procrastinate sometimes, but working from a list seems to help me. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed and do nothing.

  50. I am really good at productive procrastination. I need to focus more and get the important things done first – thanks for the tip!

  51. Sounds like a plan to me-a very good plan!

  52. So very true. I find myself procrastinating when I think something will take a long time. But, most often, I can get through it quickly and then I’m kicking myself!

  53. This is so needed for me right now. I procrastinate a lot! I am now accepting life experiences that will not aloow it. It is life affirmaing to not have a choice 🙂

  54. Luckily I do not procrastinate anything. I am actually the opposite, I plan far in advance sometimes to far in advance though

  55. I definitely have issues with procrastination.. But I think I’m getting a little better. Baby steps.

  56. I Can’t Stand When People Procrastinate Very Rare That I Do How Hard Is It JUST DO IT@!!! LOL! Great Words Of Advice Thank You!

  57. Depending on what the situation is, I can be a wicked procrastinator. I need to just get it done sometimes.

  58. I think my procrastination started when I became a WAHM and stopped making lists! I need to get back on the list bandwagon. That is actually my goal this summer.. start a list of everything in my house that I need to clean and do it! Not all in one day.. but within days at a time.

  59. I tend to go in spurts. Get it all done one week and put off on another. I need to get under control.

  60. Great advice which I try to do. If I can just get one thing done, I can get the next thing done and the next …

  61. I have such a long list and to be honest what puts me off is by the time i get around to doing one thing on there,There are 5 more things in its place lol.

  62. This is something I am learning, I tend to put everything off till the last second!

  63. I definitely tend to push off the things that are toughest or most time-consuming. I need to stop that and just knock it out!

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