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Procrastination – A Year in Review — 12 Comments

  1. If we look at it as many battles, we can win because if we lose the battle today, so what! We can get up and try it again tomorrow.

  2. I’ve finally started to get a little better at not putting things off until the last minute, but there’s definitely still room for improvement in 2015.

  3. I have been working on planning all weekend! Now I just need to follow through.

  4. I always say I need to plan better but sometimes I feel ike I work better under stress.

  5. I love this post. Some days I am able to get things done and other days I procrastinate like crazy.

  6. These are great tips. I like how you talked about winning the war on this as opposed to focusing on winning the battles. Sometimes it may overtake us, but taking it one step at a time is key. One day at a time, one battle at a time. 🙂

  7. I for the most part don’t procrastinate. I usually finish what I start. Good advice.

  8. I am fighting procrastination myself. I’m guilty of being too scattered… which results in getting less done.

  9. I go back and forth. Some days I get nothing done others I’ma whirl wind of activities.

  10. I flip flop… depending on if it’s something I really want to do or not will show in how fast I get started on whatever it is that I need to do!
    I make my bed first thing in the morning because if I don’t I won’t. LOL.
    Baby steps… right?

How do these ideas work in your world?

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