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Procrastination – A Year in Review

Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today. If you have heard someone say that more than once and rolled your eyes in response, you may be a person who struggles with procrastination. If you have grand plans that you have trouble carrying out because you always find a reason to put things off until a later date, you may have a procrastination problem. If you have a procrastination problem, check out these articles for tips and tricks on how to conquer procrastination.


Make Your Bed and Beat Procrastination


You can stop procrastination if you learn to make your bed. Almost every person alive knows what procrastination is and has succumbed to it at one time or another. What makes one person a success and another a failure often  is how one handles the pressure to procrastinate. If you have at your disposal a variety of weapons designed to battle procrastination, you may win the war. Learning to make your bed is another weapon in your arsenal.

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Stop Procrastination –Finish What You Start


It is terrific to know you can beat procrastination if you finish what you start.Procrastination is that thing that causes us to put off until some future date the things we should be doing today. Procrastination hurts productivity, profitability and self-esteem. One way to kick procrastination in the butt is to finish what you start. Instead of starting and stopping many jobs during the day, pick a job, start it and stick with it until it is done.




Stop Procrastinating – Some Stuff Isn’t That Important


It is terrific to know that you can stop procrastination by realizing that some stuff just isn’t that important. Procrastination is that thing that makes you put something on hold until a later date. It is an idea almost everyone on earth knows and understands. In fact, it is so common a problem that almost every school child learns the expression, “never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

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Stop Procrastination – Set a Schedule and Follow It


It is terrific to take the mystery out of procrastination by setting a schedule and following it. Procrastination is that thing that makes you put off doing things you should be doing. There are as many reasons or procrastination as there are procrastinators. One reason for procrastination is that to do lists are too long. Think about your own to do list. If it is like most no matter if it is a list for home or work the list probably is very long.

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Beat Procrastination – Eat the Elephant



It is terrific to know you can beat procrastination if you learn to eat the elephant. Procrastination is that thing that causes people to put off doing what needs to be done. There are a million reasons why people procrastinate. One of the most common is that the things that need to be done are so big that the tasks seem overwhelming. When you are faced with a big task that needs to be done and procrastination rears its ugly head, do not fear. Instead, stand up straight, chin up, shoulders back and kick procrastination in the teeth. You can do this by breaking remembering how to eat an elephant.

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Stop Procrastinating – Don’t Let Technology Rule You


It is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by refusing to be ruled by your technology. Procrastination is the thing that keeps you from doing what you need to do or gives you an excuse for not doing what you should be doing. One common thing that causes procrastination is technology. Of course technology is all around us and is something we cannot, indeed should not avoid. At the same time, technology is a major source of procrastination.

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Stop Procrastination – Motivate Yourself


It is terrific to know that you can motivate yourself to stop procrastination.Everyone knows what procrastination means. After all, almost every school child has been taught not to put off until tomorrow things that can be done today. In addition, almost everyone has procrastinated at least once in life. For some people, procrastination is debilitating and people who suffer from it feel overwhelmed and almost hopeless. Those people should stand strong and be encouraged. Almost every person can win the battle against procrastination. The reason almost every person can win the battle against procrastination is because a great weapon is to motivate one’s self. Sometimes, there is no one around to pat you on the back when you have done a great job. At those times you must pat yourself on the back. Similarly, sometimes when you have been procrastinating and no one has been ableto help you stop, you must motivate yourself. Friends and family members get busy. Self help books get lost. Smart phones get lost or have batteries that die. The one thing you can guarantee you will always have with you and will always be available is your own self.

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Stop Procrastination – Give It Your Best

It is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by giving it your best effort.There a quite a few definitions for procrastination. One definition is procrastination is what happens when a person doesn’t do what they are supposed to do and instead do something else. Another definition for procrastination is to do a less important task because it is easier than the more important task that needs to be done. Yet another definition is that procrastination means to wait to do something until the thing is no longer necessary. No matter what definition you use, procrastination hinders progress and keeps you from doing things that need to be done.

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Want to Stop Procrastination- Push Yourself



It is terrific to know that you can stop procrastination when you learn to push yourself. Procrastination is that thing that makes you put off doing things. Procrastination is that thing that makes you say, “I will do it tomorrow or the day after.” Procrastination kills process and productivity. In order to succeed, you must learn a way to push yourself to succeed. People who win the battle against procrastination and are leaders learn to push themselves to succeed.

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Stop Procrastination- Use Your Gifts and Talents



It is terrific to find ways to stop procrastinating and one way is to work your special talents. Procrastination is a common problem at people deal with at home and at work. Procrastination is that quality that causes people to put off doing something they should be doing. Often procrastination occurs because people do not realize the strength and power of their talents and abilities. For these people, a cure for procrastination is to find ways to use their special gifts and talents to get things done.

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Stop Procrastination – Prepare In Advance



It is terrific to know that you can stop procrastination by preparing in advance. Procrastination means to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice. Most often, procrastination kills progress and stunts positive growth. Just as there are numerous reasons why people procrastinate, there are numerous cures for procrastination. One cure is to prepare in advance.

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Procrastination Killer – Rule of Three



It is terrific to know that you can kill procrastination by applying the rule of three.Everyone knows what procrastination means. It means that instead of doing what needs to be done now, you put it off until some later time. Procrastination kills productivity, joy and success. However, there is hope, procrastination can be killed, you can learn to fight it and win. Ofcourse,  there are a myriad of ways to fight procrastination. One of the best ways to fight procrastination is to learn the rule of three. The rule of three means that you figure out what the three most valuable core tasks are be sure to handle those things each day.

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No Procrastination – Pick Something and Do It!



It is terrific to learn to defeat procrastination by selecting the most important thing and doing that thing. Despite warnings to the contrary, every day, peopleput off until tomorrow things they should and could do today. This phenomenon is called procrastination. There are as many reasons for procrastination as there are procrastinators. Procrastination is the enemy of progress and the friend of failure. If there is something you want to get done, no matter what it is, stop procrastinating. One way to do that is to pick the most important task at the start of each day.

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Procrastination – If Depression Causes It, Get Help


It is terrific to know that if depression causes you to procrastinate you can get help. There are so many reasons why people procrastinate and put things off for some unknown day that may never come. An increasingly common reason for procrastination is depression. Over the past few months several of my friends and acquaintances have been devastated by suicides in their close circles. Depression may initially cause people to procrastinate as suffers sit in bed or refuse to move. Look at your life and if depression is causing you to procrastinate, get help.

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Get a Handle on Procrastination – Just Say No


It is terrific to know you can get a handle on procrastination by learning that it is okay to say “no.” Procrastination is typically defined as postponing to do something, particularly postponing to do something as a regular practice. There are of course almost as many reasons for procrastination as there are people who procrastinate. Fortunately for those who want stop procrastinating, there are also almost as many possible solutions.

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Action – The Secret to Stopping Procrastination



It is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by taking the knowing the right action to take. This might seem like a simple point when you first read it. In reality, it is not simple at all. Most people have to do lists that are longer than their arms. Trying to figure out what activity to do is not always easy. The fact that the to do list is long and all the tasks seem important makes it difficult to figure out what to do. This activity causes people to sit paralyzed and afraid to act. The lists are full of all kinds of activities. Some are easy and others are hard. Some are enjoyable and some are a terrible chore.

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Don’t Procrastinate – Plan in Advance



It is terrific to figure out how to act instead of procrastinate and as a result get things done is to prepare in advance. There are almost as many cures for procrastination as there are people procrastinating. One thing that may help you to procrastinate less is to prepare in advance for what needs to be done. Almost everyone has heard the expression,  “if you fail to plan,  you plan to fail.” Procrastinate is commonly defined as postponing to do something often as a regular habit.In other words, a person who chooses to procrastinate usually doesn’t procrastinate about one thing, but about many things, on a regular basis

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Quick Tip to Beat Procrastination



It is terrific to know you can battle procrastination by planning in advance. There are almost as many reasons for procrastination as there are procrastinators. A common reason for procrastination is not knowing what to do. Many people procrastinate and do not move forward with any of their plans because they have no idea what action to take from one day to the next, one moment to the next. This type of procrastination problem is one that can be solved withSMART plans.

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Janeane Davis

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  • I've finally started to get a little better at not putting things off until the last minute, but there's definitely still room for improvement in 2015.

  • I have been working on planning all weekend! Now I just need to follow through.

  • I always say I need to plan better but sometimes I feel ike I work better under stress.

  • I love this post. Some days I am able to get things done and other days I procrastinate like crazy.

  • These are great tips. I like how you talked about winning the war on this as opposed to focusing on winning the battles. Sometimes it may overtake us, but taking it one step at a time is key. One day at a time, one battle at a time. :)

    • If we look at it as many battles, we can win because if we lose the battle today, so what! We can get up and try it again tomorrow.

  • I for the most part don't procrastinate. I usually finish what I start. Good advice.

  • I am fighting procrastination myself. I'm guilty of being too scattered... which results in getting less done.

  • I go back and forth. Some days I get nothing done others I'ma whirl wind of activities.

  • I flip flop... depending on if it's something I really want to do or not will show in how fast I get started on whatever it is that I need to do!
    I make my bed first thing in the morning because if I don't I won't. LOL.
    Baby steps... right?

    • Baby steps are better than no steps at all.

  • I am really going to try harder to be less of a procrastinator next year. Thanks for the reminder to just get it done.

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