• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

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You Are a Role Model Now Go Inspire Your Employees


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It is thrilling to know that you can inspire your employees. Inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do something. When a person is inspired she works harder, works longer and is happy to do so. Imagine how much you could accomplish with your business if you had a staff full of inspired employees. How would much more money would you make if you had employees who WANTED to work harder, longer and were happy about it?

Often we inspire those around us without realizing it. At your business are the first person in the door and the last person to leave? If you are, you inspire your employees to show up to work each day. When you come to work do you smile and have a kind word for all those you encounter? If you do, you inspire your employees to look for the good in themselves and others.  Do you face adversity with strength and a determination to move forward? Then you teach inspire your employees to be resilient.  In all these things, you do not have to utter a word, you lead by example.

entrepreneur aka role model www.janeanesworld.com
Get off the bench, you are a role model. Go model something great.


It is often said that children copy what we do and ignore much of what we say. Your employees are similar to children in this respect. No matter what you say about the kind of workplace you want to have, the way you act is what convinces your employees what kind of workplace you have. You don’t have to take a sociology class and you don’t need a psychology degree to inspire your employees. Instead, do something as simple as have the kind of behavior and attitude you want your employees to have. Inspire them with your example. It is more than a cliché, go out and be the behavior you want to see in the world.



Often sports figures and other superstars say that they don’t want to be role models for other people’s children. My response to that has always been so what, like it or not for some people you are a role model. At your business, never say you don’t want to be a role model. Like it or not you are the shining light on the hill. You are what everyone looks at to determine their place in the universe. You are a role model, period. So, instead of making excuses and trying to ignore or negate that fact, be a good role model. Be what you want your employees to aspire to be.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to know that you can inspire your employees. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what are you going to do to inspire your employees to greatness?


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