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Take Action Now

When the Real and the Magic Start to Fight Back

Today is a great day for taking back control when it comes to your life and your power to not just to survive, but to thrive. The world buzzing with talk of xenophobia, racism and sending people home. Take action now to stand up for what is right.


#Brexit and the 2016 BET Awards have a great deal in common.


Just last week, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. In the days that followed, the nation has experienced an extreme uprise is racist incidents and hate crimes. Racism and xenophobia are not new in Great Britain. They have existed for as long as the country itself. What is scary and new is that before the #Brexit vote, those who were racist and xenophobic often did not feel free to spew their hatred out in public spaces. However, in just the few days since the vote was taken, the country has experienced an extreme rise in hate crimes. Muslims, Polish and Chinese citizens are being surrounded by people telling them that the nation has voted and they must leave. Reports of violence, threats and hate speech are on the rise. It is incredible to read how quickly what we in the U.S. thought of as stiff and proper British people have become hate filled and openly xenophobic.

I saw a Facebook status update describing the situation:




Twitter also had numerous Tweets full of venom and hate. Here is a sample:




At the same time, some in the United States continue to complain that Donald Trump rose to prominence in the Republican party on the back of racism and xenophobia. There is some hope in the United States because many people are determined and are taking back control of what is right in America and are fighting back. Once upon a time, racist attacks, protests and activities would happen without blacks being able to fight and stand up for themselves. those days are gone. Blacks in America are determined in the efforts at taking back control of their lives and the great American dream. They want to see the dream of the late Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King about equality and equity become a reality in the United States.



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