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Research What’s Available and Find Good Work


It is wonderful to do research and find work that helps you be self-sufficient.


There are many types of work available and today more than ever it is important to do research to find work that enables one to be self-sufficient. When one is self-sufficient, one is able to care for herself without the assistance of others. Self-sufficiency is a goal for most adults. After all when one is self-sufficient, one is able to control the course of one’s life. Most people would prefer to control their own lives rather than live under the thumb of another.

Today, more than in the past, there are a wide variety of jobs, in new and ever-expanding arenas. There are new industries that are created each day. At the same time, each day more and more industries are being phased out of existence. In order to keep up with all the changes in the modern job market, it is important to do research to keep abreast of the changes. When taking steps towards self-sufficiency, it is important to realize that one does not have to rely only upon one’s own knowledge to find work that enables one to be self-sufficient.  Research is commonly defined as the systematic investigation and study that is done to gather facts and come to new and appropriate conclusions.

In today’s job market research is beneficial because research will inform you of potential opportunities one may not have previously known were available. It is research that will show you where the positions are, who to speak with and how to obtain the positions you seek. The research will show you the things you will need to do to be successful once you find the position. This research can be done in a variety of ways:
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Internet research
  • Conversations with personal networks
  • Discussions with employment support groups
  • Meetings with headhunters



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Once you have completed your research and feel you have the necessary information to look for work that will enable you to be self-sufficient, go out and get the work. This is the time to fill out applications, meet with hiring partners and do all the things necessary to get the desired work. Once the work is found, it is then crucially important to do the work and to do it excellently. Excellence at work leads to self-sufficiency and independence from the unwanted control of others. Excellence at the work you have done the research to find is the appropriate and only rational next step in the move toward self-sufficiency.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to do research and find work that helps you be self-sufficient. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, are you doing research to find work that will help you to be self-sufficient?

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