10 Better Investments Than a Savings Account

better than a savings account www.janeanesworld.comOne of the most important tasks of any entrepreneur, working woman or stay at home mom is to make wise decisions when it comes to investments. It is important to be a good steward of your financial resources. Check out this article for places other than a savings account to help your money grow. Click here to read more.




10 Most Walkable Cities in America

best cities for walking www.janeanesworld.comWalking is an excellent way to get into shape and maintain one’s good health. My husband and I are still in a healthy competition with one another to get in better shape. After reading this article, click here to check out our competition and create one of your own. I was happy to see my hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania made the list! Click here to read more.



Ask a Mom or a Teammate How to Balance it All

need help to balance, ask a mom www.janeanesworld.comIt is possible to achieve work life balance and if you need help to get it done, ask another mom. Working moms often walk a fine line like a tightrope. It is not always easy to balance the demands of home and work. After all, there are only 24 hours in each day and an 8 hour work day, the need to sleep for 8 hours per night and a desire to spend quantity, not just quality time with family makes balancing it all very hard to do. Click here to read more.


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