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Ringling Brothers Circus – Putting Smiles on Faces

This is a sponsored post written on behalf Ringling Brothers Circus and the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions here are my own.


It is thrilling to take time out and go have real fun with your kids. So many families are full of work, school and serious things.  These things are important but so is fun. Fun is the stuff that makes people smile and makes the   kinds of memories that are treasured friends for years and years into the future. Last night, my children and I (my husband could not get away from work) went to the Ringling Brothers Circus at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.  We had, FUN!!!! I didn’t try to teach them anything. I did not explain the physics and geometry behind the acts, we just had FUN!!!

The spectacular Wells Fargo Center is in Philadelphia right next to a subway stop so my children and I hopped on public transportation and were able to get to the stadium with no problem. I was surprised at how organized the parking lot and parking lot employees were as we walked by them on our way from the subway.



What would the circus be without the clowns. We were entertained by these and many other clown acts while waiting for the show to start.



This photo shows just a few of the acts in the parade of acts we were treated to at the start of the show.



In the photo below, those bright shining colors are not lights. They are actually 8 motorcyclist speeding around that big round cage. My children and I were on the edges of our seats as we watched.



It was scary to watch this guy manipulate the lions and tigers through this routine. It was exciting and scary and kept us all on the edges of our seats.



These women were incredibly and inexplicably doing gymnastics  in the air held up by their hair! How in the world was that possible?


The elephants were incredible and worthy of the two photos below. The first shows an old favorite  pose. The second of the elephants playing dead  was just too cute  for words.





The acrobats jumping through hoops and doing somersaults were so exciting to watch. They made it seem almost effortless to fly through the air.


Of course, for kids, an evening of fun always includes bringing home some swag. Here are a few of the things my kids picked out to help them remember a great night at Ringling Brothers Circus at the Wells Fargo Center.



The show is in Philadelphia through February 16, 2014 so there is still time for you to  take some time off for fun with your kids. We had a great time and the memories will last us a lifetime!

In conclusion,  it is thrilling to take time out to have real fun with your kids.  So, the question for you this thrilling day is, what would you do for fun with your kids if you took out some time?

Janeane Davis

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  • I took my toddler when she was a baby and her eyes were glued to the performance. I know that now she's older she would love it. Seems like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  • I remember seeing these shows as a kid, loved them - memories I will always cherish!

  • I have never been to the cirucs but have always wanted to go!

  • We love this circus and I think it is totally reasonable. I love that they come to a city even closer to us now!

  • I can't believe that it can be nearly 20 years ago that I saw this! It really was a sight to see. Me and my brother were grateful to my aunt and uncle for taking us for sure!

  • Awe! I don't remember the last time I went to see the circus. It looks so fund and oh my goodness! Those elephants are so darn cute. :) Awe! Thanks for sharing.

  • The circus is always a fun and full of sensory event.
    Glad you got the chance to see it

  • I love the circus and cant wait til they are near me again.

  • I would bring my kids on vacation to Disney World or something similar!

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