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Santa Isn’t The Only One Who Needs a List


Stop trying to remember everything – be like Santa – make a list and check it twice.


Make a list use paper, white board, chalkboard or even sticky notes.


We start each day with hundreds of things to do. At the end of the day, some of those things have been done and some have not. There are a few tricks you can use that make it more likely than not that you will accomplish what you set out to do. The first and easiest is to actually write down what you need to do.


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Do not be deceived into thinking that writing your list out makes you old, less productive or diminishes you in some way. Almost everyone has heard the story of Santa’s list. He makes a list and checks it at least twice. Santa uses his list to keep track of things he needs to track and take action on items that need action. Isn’t that what you need to do?


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Don’t get caught up in how to take notes or how to make your list. Do what works for you. I am an electronic person. So I keep my to-do list in an electronic format I can access from anywhere – my phone, tablet, computer or even your devices via the cloud. I am also a person who loves the physical act of writing and the smell of ink on paper. That leads me to write on notepaper and in notebooks and sticky paper. It is not uncommon for me to make notes in a notebook or on sticky paper and then take photos of those notes and save them to the cloud. This means that even on the go – my whiteboard, blackboard and bulletin board travel with me. It is called WINNING!





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