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Sensational Saturday – Best Advice – Don’t Go to Bed Angry — 3 Comments

  1. This is such wonderful, timeless advice. It was the same for us, arguments would ease up much earlier than they do now. Still a work in progress. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Just the fact that the two of you can talk about everything is such a great thing. It is wonderful that you can talk about everything even if you agree to disagree. Hopefully you are not like Darren and I, up until 3:00 am a few times a year. lol

  3. “I have learned marriage works best when the people involved work at it and resolve problems that arise rather than letting them fester.” Janeane that is great advice! I have spent the last five years or so working on communication and working through problems when they come, right away instead of pushing it aside. I feel confident discussing anything that arises with my boyfriend, that regardless of our point of view, we will either come to an agreement or agree to disagree and we try to work it out before we go to sleep, but then we are the type of people who, having an issue, would keep us up anyways.

    Great post!

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