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Sensational Saturday – Go to Starbucks – Save Your Marriage — 6 Comments

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  2. I enjoy reading write-up. Hope i can discover a lot more articles like this one. Thanks for posting.

  3. Christine, I am glad you liked the article. You are so right, we need to stop feeling guilty for wanting to just breathe!

  4. This is such a great article and such a simple but important reminder. As moms, we all know it’s a challenge to carve out some time for ourselves. But we need to remember that we can’t feel guilty for wanting to be a better wife and mother. Thanks for sharing Janeane!

  5. As a newly wed, I was only 23 and it was fun to be with Darren all day everyday. I worked, went to college and was married. As I grew older and had children, I got more responsibilities and more obligations. Children need attention, husbands need atention, etc., so the advice to get out of the house and spend time alone was good for me.

  6. I am not married yet but I have heard a few words of advice… ‘when you get married you’ll want to do everything and then some for your husband, don’t. He’ll come to expect it and once you start having kids it’ll get to be too much.

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