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Sensational Saturday – The Gift of Whimsy — 3 Comments

  1. From time to time I get whimsy. I sing and dance, but I don't dance around. He, he. I tend to laugh a lot. I'm not feeling whimsy today though. People who seem to think the front of the building is their living room spoiled my weekend.

    Hope you are having a better weekend than me. 🙂

  2. When I refer to whimsy, I refer to an excessively playful state. I think of how my children are silly and playful and very happy over nothing. How could they possibly be entertained to the point of non-stop laughter about playing with my empty box from Amazon. I like that happy, really, silly happy and enjoying it feeling.

  3. What exactly is being whimsy mean? I don't think I have ever did anything just to do it. Even the decision to travel south came with much thought. Perhaps, I should thought that one through more carefully.

    I think I would like to try to incorporate whimsy into Saturdays.

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