Serene Sunday – Finding a Peaceful Place

Serene Sunday – there is nothing in the world like a safe quiet place to enjoy your own company.

As anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows, I am a wife and a mother of four. For those who don’t have children, this means that peaceful, quiet moments when I am not exhausted are few and far between. However, my need for peaceful quiet moments comes more often. So I created a place in my home called “Sanctuary.” It is a little room with a couch, my desk, a bookshelf and a few tables for knicknacks.  I taught my family members that the Sanctuary is my special place where they are not welcome without invitation.

We all need a special place, a room, a closet or even just a corner where we can go, be alone, be safe and at peace.  So the question for you this Serene Sunday is where do you do to find peace, quiet and serenity.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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