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Serene Sunday Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner — 4 Comments

  1. I could use you and your sister as roommates! I am looking forward to the big meal though. I do make good cookies all year long though! If only I could get all 4 food groups in a chocolate chip cookie!

  2. I have not been able to read for hours at a time and disappear for such a long time. I am jealous. The next time you are reading, tack on a couple of extra minutes for those of us who don't get a chance anymore. We will love living vicariously through you.

  3. i love your writing style, you are so funny!
    i laughed aloud when you said your kids ask if they have to eat something. sometimes i feel that way after i cook! i don't know, but i always try to get super creative when i haven't even mastered the basics yet! when i was in college, my sister and i were roommates. we had a rule: i did the cleaning, she did the cooking. it worked great, but now i'm married and my sis isn't there anymore! but i still get her to cook for me..just this past monday she made chipotle at home and we ate off it for half a week! ha!
    so yea, i'm with you on the cooking thing. and it is really interesting how the holidays can bring out the cook in a lot of people! i think i'm just going to stick with baking some cookies this year..

  4. My secret to serenity is through books. When I start reading a novel I get lost in those words and I lose track of time. I can read a novel for hours at a time and it would feel like minutes to me. I love reading a good book.

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