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  1. I am not a meditation expert. I can only tell you what I do. I set aside a period of time for meditation. In my real world, the most time I can devote to meditating on a thing is fifteen minutes or so. I go and sit on the couch in my sanctuary (my enclosed porch where my children are not welcome) and just work on thinking and praying. I ask my family to be quiet and leave me alone. I do not always get the quiet. So I try to do it before I get out of bed in the morning. I just force myself to think about whatever the issue I am dealing with is, work, attitude, exercise. I think about the topic. If my mind starts to stray, I say in my head, “I am meditating on exercising more.” I repeat the thought until I am thinking of nothing else. If I cannot keep my mind on task, I say the sentence out loud repeatedly. When the time I have set aside for meditation is done, I get up and go about my tasks.

    Sometimes during the day,I will do meditation for a minute, literally one minute to get myself focused. I think in my head, but if the trials of life are hurting my concentration, I will say the words I am thinking aloud. Saying the words out loud forces me to think about the topic at hand and drowns out the world.

  2. Hey good advice. Can you offer suggestions on how one learns to meditate. Sometimes people purchase a meditation pillow to sit on usually in a quiet part of the house (before kids wake up) Do you have any methods of how to center and quiet one's mind of unwanted chatter? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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