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Serene Sunday – Positive Thinking — 4 Comments

  1. @Lea Hunt, thanks for stopping by. Our Father is the King of Everything and he wants us to be happy and faithful.

  2. I agree. It is hard to keep company with people that see the worse instead of the best, but all I can do is stay positive and remind that God wants us to be happy and faithful.

    Nice blog Janeane. I am following.

  3. I should have known my old head genius nephew would like “Old Blue Eyes.” I know you will do wonderfully at Temple because you are a wonderful young man and your whole family is so proud of you. At school make sure you go visit your professors early and often. Never be afraid to ask for help. Just as diamonds sharpen diamonds other smart people will help improve your genius.

    I have been telling everyone I know that what used to be called a “catch” is now called a “Tykee.”

  4. I really like this! It's right before I start school (tomorrow). Besides that I'm a really big fan of Frank Sinatra!! OPPS THERE GOES ANOTHER RUBBER TREE PLANT!! This one stick with me next time I find myself being negative and off track. Thank you Auntie!!

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