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Your Smart Phone is a Marvel at Organization – Use It — 21 Comments

  1. I def use my smartphone to keep me organized. It’s so easy to make notes and check things off my digital to-do-list.

  2. These are some great tips on how to use our phones for more then just texting. I feel like to many people use their phones for games and social media these days.

  3. Great tips! I use my phone for EVERYTHING. The one thing I need to use more, my Calendar. When i do remember to use it, keeps me organized.

  4. I use my phone for so much now – I wonder what the heck I did without it!

  5. You are SO right! Work smarter not harder. I need to really think about the apps on my phone!

  6. I wish the entire education world all thought this way. I think we should teach kids to use their electronic devices in a smart, productive way.

  7. I don’t have a smartphone. Ha! I know it’s absurd, but true. 😉 Hubby toys w/the idea now and again…maybe someday we’ll join the new century. 🙂

  8. I have so many apps on my phone (not by choice). Most of these apps I have never used. Honestly, I wish I could remove them. The apps that I installed and use the most besides FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are You Version, Blogger, Page Manager, Color Note, Photgrid, and Calendar. After reading your post, I realized that I maintain a calendar for both of my daughters, but I do not maintain a calendar for myself. This is something that I have to implement.

  9. i am obsessed with apps. I use them all the time. I use a memo one to organize ideas I may have and keep up with important things to do.

  10. I don’t know why my schedules are still handwritten. The organizational apps on my phone are so easy to use.

  11. I’m sad to say my phone is used strictly fro calling and texting.Plus the occasional picture. I really do need to learn to do more on it.

  12. I really need to look into all the apps that would be helpful in my life. I always have my phone with me.

  13. I use EverNote 🙂 I’m still getting the hang using a Smartphone as a Blogger Believe it or not .. but I do use Evernote

  14. I tend to look at people with smart phones a little crazy when I hear they don’t use it to its full potential. A complete waste of money if you ask me. Great tips.

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