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Some Traditions Are Just Clean Fun! Laugh & Enjoy — 21 Comments

  1. Suave has been so consistent over the years, and Dove just keeps getting better. Pun intended 😉

  2. We use Suave a lot. I love their detangler actually for me! It is so nice!

  3. We don’t have a Save-A-Lot where we live but I wish they would open one! We love Suave products and use the detangler in my daughter’s hair on a regular basis!

  4. I used to do so awesome with coupons. I don’t know what happened to me! My kids love the Sauve Kids line!

  5. I really need to use more coupons. I know it would help us with our budget.

  6. We don’t have a save a lot where we live but I do however use a few of those products.

  7. I love suave products!! They are great products at an affordable price!!

  8. We don’t have a Sav a Lot close by, I think my mom does though in her state. I love Dove, it smells good, works great!

  9. We use many of these products in our home also! Dove is my favorite and I use Suave for my kids.

  10. It’s funny how certain brands can bring us back to our childhood. I know some smells do for me too!

  11. We need this as a n alternative place to get all our goodies here in Jamaica. Save a lot seems like a great place to get a good deal

  12. We have been using Suave for a long time. The price is good, but it works great too!

  13. I have used Suave and I think it does a great job on hair. It is much less expensive than many other brands and does just as good a job.

  14. My boys are still taking bathes at their age and I fortunately have been limiting the amount of product they have, they just like to dump

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