Often expressions of displeasure, unfair negative reaction and lack of enthusiasm mask jealousy and desire to copy. There are some people who are so displeased and so dissatisfied with their own lives, they find it impossible to compliment or be happy for the successes of others. At the same time, these people are in desperate need of guidance and advice. But since they are miserable, they find it impossible to find someone to give them advice and assistance.

Now that you realize there are always people watching you, does that knowledge impact your decision on whether or not to take action now? Does knowing you are a role model for others make you more or less likely to take action now? If you think someone else is watching you every time you start or are supposed to start a major project will that change how you behave? Will that thought make you more likely to act? Would you continue to do things just as you have always done them? Or would you things a little more carefully, plan things out a little better and make sure that you did things as they should be done?

If you are like most people, when you realize that someone is watching you, copying your moves, looking to you as a role model you will organize your schedule so that it is most efficient. Role models always carry themselves with pride, honor and self-respect. So, the question for you this magnificent day is now that you realize you are a role model, how are you going to use that knowledge to take action now?’