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Sometimes Your Kid is a Rapist and a Monster — 16 Comments

  1. If your child does something wrong, they should own up to that wrong. There is no excuse for you making excuses for them. It will just make them think that it is okay in your eyes to do the same act in the future.

  2. Theres always a paradim i’ve never looked through before. Very interesting thoughts.

  3. I can not imagine how the parents of people who do terrible acts must feel. There has been so many awful stories in the news lately.

  4. I could never imagine this happening. We all do what we can to make sure we raise our kids right, but that doesn’t always mean they’re going to follow through with that. I just can’t even imagine.

  5. So many horrible things have been in the news lately. It’s hard to comprehend why people would even do things like this.

  6. I will always stand by my child, when their behavior and actions warrant it. I can not stand by them if they choose acts of violence or hate.

  7. I have been plagued by sadness ever since I heard about this incident. I have been thinking about the poor girl. I hope she can find peace.

  8. The whole situation is disgusting, disturbing, terrifying, … I could go on and on. I definitely think that as parents we have to hold our children accountable for their actions.

  9. This whole case has me shaking my head. Our society is so twisted and convoluted. The thing is, you raise your kids but at some point the move on and the do their own thing, they make their own choices. They SHOULD face the consequences. His parents heartbreak should be over the pain and trauma their son has caused another human being, not over his punishments for what he did.

  10. This whole ordeal has me in knots. Quite frankly, if it were my son and even though he’s my son, I would still want him to get what he deserves and 6 months or 3 months is not enough. I would question myself as to where in the heck I went wrong that he would even do such a thing. The fact of the matter is, wrong is wrong, and this case just makes me angry all around.

  11. I feel that in today’s day we often make excuses for our children instead of reprimanding them and in a way have shown them that it is okay to be bad. It drives me nuts. I am one who is NOT my kids’ friend, I am their mother and though I will always give them love, I will also be the first to tell them when they mess up

  12. I definetly defend my daughter when it is appropriate but also reprimand her when I know she is wrong. It is hard raising kids that is for sure but I don’t know what I would do if she did anything as horrid as this.

  13. This is just so terrible that he did this. I do not know how I would handle something like this as a parent.

  14. I try to raise my kids as best as I can. I don’t have boys but, this is very interesting.

  15. I am trying my hardest to raise my kiddo to know right from wrong. He is extremely considerate and loves live! He is the most giving kiddo I know. I am strict on him and he does not get away with stuff.

  16. I don’t know what I would do if my child ever committed such acts of atrocity. I can’t even imagine….

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