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Sometimes You Need to Chill Out So You Can Feel Great — 11 Comments

  1. Just like anything – screen time is good in moderation. I just need to instill that in myself and my kids. Sleep is #1 and I don’t do enough of it.

  2. I’ve been taking lots of breaks to take long walks during my day, it really helps to break it up!

  3. This is so important to remember! It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all that needs to get done!

  4. Haha, I totally need my screen time each day! It helps me unwind!

  5. This is so relevant for me! I starting to feel the beginning of burnout. So after a few more minutes of work, I’m going to watch a show, and then go to bed!

  6. As a blogger I couldn’t agree with you more about the need to sit back once and awhile and catch your breath. Your advice applies to people in all walks of life and doing what you need to so that you avoid burn out is at the top of the list.

  7. I have been feeling really stressed lately and I think this article helped me realize that I just need to unwind and relax. Thank you for that!

  8. It’s crazy, I am taking a week break from my shows. I want to watch them so bad, but I feel so much more accomplished. Wanting to meditate more or yoga or read..

  9. It’s funny that you say this because today I have taken it easier than normal. I think there are just days that you need to be able to do nothing but veg out or something that you really truly enjoy.

  10. Those are really great tips. I have been feeling a little burnt out recently. I need to take a break and get a little more sleep.

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