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Spring Into Business Improvement with A Customer Referral Plan — 14 Comments

  1. Yes! I will never buy another Apple product because of the customer service and warranty. At the same time, I purchase and recommend Kindle products because of the excellent warranty adn customer service.

  2. Customer service is so important! Customers are more likely to share every bad experience with everyone yhey no than the customers who might share tgeir good experiences …so make sure they’re all good ones!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words. I cannopt wait for the Chasing Joy Brunch and Learn where I get to share information with people live!

  4. Thanks for this info Janeane. You are a wealth of info for entrepreneurs. The things you write about are always on point and very often things I’ve not even thought about.

  5. I know I will pay more to shop at a business with good customer service that makes me feel valued!

  6. All of this is awesome advice and things to put in an SOP. Have a way to manage customer service is so important and it shows!

  7. As a customer I like to know what the policies are, if I cannot return it, I may not buy it!

  8. The immediate customer service is important. I won’t remember to go back and provide formal feedback weeks after. I like on the spot surveys. As well as clear policies, so I can be totally sure about a product that I can’t return.

  9. I am glad to be helpful. Please stop back and let me know how the online business goes!

  10. great advice. We are starting to consider an online business, and all of these tips are very important for us to consider.

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