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Spring into Family Improvements with Compliment Day — 29 Comments

  1. If you are complimenting yourself, you can get some really good ones! It will shock people who come over. You may end up with a lot of repeat visitors!

  2. Girl, this is awesome!!! I am going to have compliment day with myself everyday in the mirror LOL and when others come over, I’ll throw out some compliments for them too…oooooohhhh this is so fun! 🙂

  3. Glad you liked the article. Try it with your family and let me know how it works out.

  4. My 5 and 11 year old are at it almost non-stop these days – I love this idea and will have to see the best way to implement in our household! Family is our learning base for life – where we learn how to cooperate, negotiate and so much more. Showering one another with love and kind words is a great thing and often neglected in the hustle and bustle of life. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It has been working well for us. When the kids start not getting along I remind them it is ****’s compliment day and tell everyone to star with the compliments. Please let me know how this works out for your family.

  6. Janeane you are a genius! We have those few days where the fighting is non-stop, even between us and the kids, so compliment days would be awesome! We’ll have to implement this immediately.

  7. I am glad you have a family that is always loving and kind. My kids have had arguments over looking at each other, breathing and laughing at jokes. Compliment day has been a life saver and helped teach and practice kindness.

  8. This is a lovely idea, Janeane! We are absolutely going to implement it for our little family. Of course, we are loving and kind to each other always, but this intentional complimenting program is a great way to take it to another level!

  9. Compliment day takes some getting used to, but it is one of the best things I ever created for our family. Please let me know how it works out for your family.

  10. Janeane, what an awesome idea! I am the mother of two girls (a tween and a preschooler) and there are moments when the bickering seems to be non-stop, and over the silliest of things, ‘she’s singing my favorite song, she’s not allowed to sing a song I like because she doesn’t sing it right’. For my husband & I, we are the youngest in our respective families; and having grown up a great deal of time with the older siblings out of the house – we watch their interactions often like we were at a zoo.

    Every once in a while when one will enter the room I will applaud, & tell them how great they are are. They blush & think Mommy is silly, but I do tell them that they are worthy of such applause and that they are wonderful, special and loved by God. So I think tomorrow will be a good day to introduce compliment day in our household, that should help with the bickering moments, I hope.

  11. This is such an awesome idea! It’s only 2 of us but we need to learn the value of sharing the good in each other vs. the bad. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow that is Awesome! Taking notes! I always try to give out compliments not because I am looking for one in return but because I know how I feel when I get one and …everyone should feel that way … after reading the little twins compliment I have to up my game!

  13. The stinky compliments have been some of the funniest parts of the whole thing. I try not to laugh and to help them move toward better compliments.

  14. I LOVE this Janeane! I don’t have children yet but would love to incorporate this. LOL @ learning about stinky compliments like “you are smart for a boy”.

  15. Heather, I hope so! I want so much for them to be able to look back and remember good parents who built them up and gave them a strong and steady foundation.

  16. Your positive words will have a positive impact on your children fit the rest of their lifetimes!

  17. Having four kids in the family, I used to get complaints about who got the most attention. The compliment a day system has cut out on that tremendously.

  18. It is fun and everyone looks forward to it. Sometimes after a hard day at school or work it really helps improve attitudes.

  19. I love love love the last compliment. Makes me all teary eyed. It encapsulates that perfect un-ending love of a parent.

  20. What a great plan! I try to remember to compliment my kids and hubby often but it’s so easy to forget! I bet this does great things for sibling love too!

  21. I love this idea. I will institute it in my family, too. Thanks for sharing. We could all use some compliments from time to time.

  22. What a sweet idea! Love it and am going to consider incorporating it once the boys are a bit more verbal!

  23. Hey Janeanne, I like to encourage compliments in my home too. I never though to make it something planned but I love the idea. I often tell my family (and try to live it) you can build someone up with your words or tear them down. Which one are you going to do? This was a super post ad hopefully will get people to thinking more intentionally about what they say to others.

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