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Stop Procrastinating – Don’t Let Technology Rule You — 40 Comments

  1. Yes! I am guilty of that so I have to not even turn it on because I am always so tempted to look.

  2. That is so true. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m on the computer I’m always on FB instead of doing what I actually got on the computer to do.

  3. I am a professional procrastinator and I want to quit. But it’s so hard! I have tried so many different techniques but I think I really have to work on my mindset. If I don’t change that, my behaviors won’t change. My problem is that even though procrastination is a horrible habit, I do always end up getting things done. So it isn’t giving me enough motivation to change. I need to resolve that issue. Because it is stressful.

  4. My children helped me get over the technology addiction because when they get home from school I am away from social media until they go to sleep. Just that break helped me cut down on it at other times too.

  5. i have to set alarms and remind myself to get UP and do things. social media is the best worst thing and time suck ever

  6. This is something I feel I’ve been doing pretty good at lately … avoiding any useless time spent on social media. It feels awesome!

  7. Yes, technology if not used wisely will be negative… this is why I schedule time blocks inmy schedule for each task; and use a portable phone charger when on the go.

  8. I have to set limits and timers because I can easily get sucked into things because it is a break when I am busy.

  9. I think social media is a large contributor to distractions and procrastination. There is always something much funner to look at or read vs work.

  10. There are days when I have to just close down all of my social media channels so I can get my work done. I put my phone out of reach so I’m not tempted to check them, and just focus. It really helps!

  11. Yes, technology gets a bad rap and not always without good reason. We can take all the steps to fix the issues, and one thing I find myself doing more of lately is to tune out the noise. I do my best and skip worrying about the rest.

  12. I try to set a time limit for social media and internet time. If not, I would be online 24/7.

  13. We really don’t realize the little nagging worry about batteries, whether anyone liked our perfectly edited photo on instagram, if our running playlist is perfect…. Sometimes even when we don’t procrastinate, we are not totally present for important task and then quality suffers. It was actually very liberating to be in Ecuador for 3 weeks this summer to not have technology except in our rooms. All day passed before we could look, download, comment, edit, blog in the evenings. It was wonderful, and yet I haven’t continued this at home. I guess it’s wonderful if you don’t have a choice. 🙂

  14. I get caught up in the social media. I wish there was a way to gauge how effective it is because I like it, but it does get time consuming.

  15. I am going to try your alarm technique with social media. I absolutely get caught up in that too often.

  16. Technology is definitely a tool I need to use in the wisest way possible!

  17. We have so many technological outlets in our home it really takes away from actual communication and talking and learning. We are slowly backing away from technology. It eats up way too much time than it should.

  18. I am a huge procrastinator. I try my best to get organized but then get sucked into the world of social media.

  19. I am a terrible procrastinator and technology makes it even easier. I have to power everything off, turn my phone completely off, etc., in order to get things done.

  20. The tech world is a big black hole sometimes, it can just suck your whole day away.

  21. I do let technology rule me, its bad! I really need to try to absorb this post fully becasue I know it will help with my procrastination!

  22. what great insight and I think the kids will be the ones suffering the most as they are fully exposed and will be easily distracted their entire life.

  23. This is really great. I find that researching things and looking for new learning opportunities are what suck me into technology. I spend way too much time on it some days. I have got to learn to tone it down a bit.

  24. I too find myself hard to get stuff done when spending too much time on social media.

  25. My problem is that I am so busy that sometimes I dread doing the task even though I have so much technology! LOL

  26. I am definitely guilty of getting sucked in by social media. I am trying to cut back. I used to always check Instagram in bed before sleeping. It can wait until the morning!

  27. I agree it’s very easy to waste so much time with all the fun technology we have these days!

  28. I totally get it! I try to “plan” certain times during the day to check in on social media so I don’t get distracted in – it can be such a time suck!

  29. Yes! The internet totally makes me lazy some days! Not good!

  30. Ah, the time sucking vortex that is the internet!
    I love social media but there are days when the drama is enough to make me want to toss my computer in a bath tub and go hug a tree 🙂

  31. I am the world’s biggest procrastinator. I really need to get up and get stuff done!

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