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Stop Procrastinating – Some Stuff Isn’t That Important — 29 Comments

  1. I think I’ve procrastinated so much in my life that it’s in me now to do it. I function so much better under pressure. Always have for some reason.

  2. So true! I’m going to spend an extra few minutes actually prioritising my to-do list now!

  3. The most important thing I can do today is get my work done! That way I can rest and have free time later!

  4. I definitely need to learn how to stop procrastinating.

  5. I’ve gotten some procrastination into my life for something that’s very important to me. I have no idea why I keep fiddling around instead of doing it!

  6. Procrastination is one of my worst habits. I tend to procrastinate and then work double time to catch back up and swear I won’t do it again and yet… The cycle repeats. I suck! Mainly because I am aware of it and still do not change it. ;/

  7. I really need to start making lists and then prioritize tasks. I’ve done this in the past but when I fall behind, I get overwhelmed.

  8. These are some great tips. I recently installed an app on my computer so I can beat procrastination. It allows me to set goals on productive activities and keep track of my distracting activities.

  9. Thank you, I needed to read this today. My task list does seem to get longer and longer!

  10. To beat procrastination, i just focus, focus focus!

  11. I tend to put off the things that are most overwhelming. I need to get them done first to feel better!

  12. I like this. It seems that what you are saying is to pick the most important thing and get it done and then feel that sense of accomplishment. The rest is great but not vital.

  13. Some really good tips here. You’re right — if you keep your to-do focused on a few important things, it’s less intimidating than one long giant list of everything.

  14. I used to be a huge procrastinator, but I beat it thankfully. I agree mostly that you just need to prioritize the things you must do, so you can let go of the other things that are not that important.

  15. Prioritization definitely is key! I still wish the list wasn’t so long though…. 😉

  16. Thanks for the motivation. I needed it! I have quite a few rooms in the house that need my attention. I usually just shut the door and keep the rest of the house clean. I’ll just take one item at a time and tackle it! 🙂

  17. I am pretty good about not procrastinating…but I am also a huge proponent of The List! I make a list for just about everything…it’s the only way I really get things accomplished!

  18. I need to get better at creating an actual to-do list because I think/hope it might help with my horrible procrastination problem.

  19. I am one who tries to keep organized thanks to the smartphone era. That is key for me and I utilize all minutes even those commuting to work. Whether it is answering emails, looking over my to do’s. I try and respond ASAP in order to not procrastinate.

  20. I do a daily to do list and put #s beside them starting with 1 and ending usually in 10. If I don’t finish the next day I list the ones not done and they get first priority.

  21. I’ve followed this tip of prioritizing my To-Do list for some time now. By focusing on one thing at a time it definitely helps me from being overwhelmed.

  22. Prioritization can be so difficult for me… I tend to overwhelm myself with to-do lists and they are never ending. Thank you for the tips – I’ll try to instill them into my everyday.

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