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Stop Procrastination – Motivate Yourself — 13 Comments

  1. These are great. Thanks much. I love that quote! – If procrastination kicks your butt, create a motivation list to help you kick back! Tweeting that!

  2. I just love all the tips that you continue to share. Some are very helpful.

  3. Thank you for this amazing advice and tips! It’s hard to keep up with things sometimes and it helps to do little at a time.

  4. I am a procrastinator to the core and these are great tips to get me out of a funk when I am there. Although I do enjoy the thrill of last minute 🙂

  5. I seem to work well under procastination, but it can be overwhelming. so I am going to reward myslef for goals accomplished in advance of deadlines

  6. Great post! Procrastination can be such a bear if left unchecked.

  7. Sometimes just going outside in the sun and getting Vitamin D helps me work better when I need to.

  8. This is fantastic! I am a terrible procrastinator, so I love the tips you shared. I also love how you put your tweet right into the blog post, I would love to know how you did that!

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