It is terrific to know that you can stop procrastination by preparing in advance. Procrastination means to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice. Most often, procrastination kills progress and stunts positive growth. Just as there are numerous reasons why people procrastinate, there are numerous cures for procrastination. One cure is to prepare in advance.  

Often people procrastinate because when it is time to complete a task, they do not have all the tools and materials needed. This problem is solved by preparing in advance. Think of your to do list like a dinner party. When you are hosting a dinner party, you do several things before the party is due to start:

  • consider the reason for the party
  • think about how many guests will be attending
  • arrange to have adequate supplies for each attendee
  • make arrangements to clean up after the affair

It is a good idea to follow a similar process when looking at your to do list each day in order to stop procrastination. For example:

  • why is each item on the list, what is the purpose
  • how many of the items on the list must get done that day
  • what tools and supplies do you need to complete today’s tasks
  • what items that you start today will need to be followed up tomorrow

procrastination prepare in advance

This bit of advance planning will help you successfully navigate your to do list and stop procrastination. Additionally, if certain items on your to do list recur on a regular basis, it is a good idea to learn the expression, “you don’t get ready, you stay ready.” The idea being that phrase is that certain things occur often enough that you can avoid procrastination and problems by always being prepared for them in advance. Look at the following items for example:

  • a restaurant needs to keep its specialty items in stock
  • a bank must keep cash on hand for customers
  • entrepreneurs must keep available means to communicate with customers
  • parents with infants must keep diapers in the house

No matter who you are or what you do, you can help stop procrastination by preparing in advance.

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In conclusion, it is terrific to know that you can stop procrastination by preparing in advance. So, the question for you this terrific day is what have you made preparation to accomplish?

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