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Stop Procrastination – Set a Schedule and Follow It — 33 Comments

  1. Just found your blog and I’m so excited! I’m a freelance writer too and I’ve been looking for likeminded bloggers to connect with!

    Love to do lists it keeps me on track. One other thing I like to do that has helped me is making my list relatively short every day.

    If I try tackling a long list I have a tendency to do all the easy things and time consuming things get pushed out.

  2. I try to keep a schedule. However, with the kids sometimes it is impossible.

  3. It works well for me because if I cannot find time for it in my calendar I cannot fit it in my life.

  4. I had that same probelm until I made my calendar electronic and had alrms go off when it was time for a new task.

  5. These days, I don’t think my issue is procrastination. I think I am just trying to juggle too many things at once!

  6. Great post! It’s exactly what I need right now, and I need to actually follow-through… I have lots of lists–but I do need to sych them all, and be realistic.

  7. Great advice, but it’s easier said than done! I’m great at making lists, just not so good at crossing things off of it…

  8. I used to pride myself in college on how much I could get done after procrastinating. But now I see that wasn’t really being productive. Now I do a much better job with scheduling, although I have learned too the importance of being flexible with the schedule. Being too rigid also has it’s issues. – Katy

  9. I love to-do lists. They keep me on track and I find I get more done when I have it all written out.

  10. I procrastinate with everything unfortunately. I really do need to set a schedule and make sure to follow it but our family just started a new routine so I’m trying my best to figure out a schedule that works for us all. for example, my daughter has activities twice a week and I need to schedule around that.

  11. I am a total list maker! I have lists for my lists!! I schedule everything LOL

  12. I never had to write things down before I had kids. My mind was sharp! Not any more. If I don’t make a list, even the best thoughts and ideas go right down the drain. It’s so frustrating, but I suppose it’s a good habit to embrace.

  13. Oh my goodness, this is so timely. I find that I get so much done in a day when I take time at the beginning of each day to make a list. I tend to stick to it and get much more done than with out it.

  14. I am with you on that. I skipped laundry for two days once because it wasn’t on the to do list in the calendar.

  15. When I was younger I could fly by the seat of my pants with ease. Now that I am older, I need the list and calendar to keep everything focused. There are so many areas to worry about now.

  16. GREAT TIPS… I am one of those people who becomes obsessive… if its not on the calendar I get overwhelmed and frustrated…

  17. I have started using lists for each part of my day. I like that I can just cross it off and go to the next thing. Otherwise I will find a million other things to do.

  18. I try not to, but I can be really bad about procrastinating. I have lists about everything, and sometimes lists to handle my lists.

  19. Thank you for this. I do list, but I think I will be more effective if I start putting actual schedules in place

  20. I have finally started to make lists and have a calendar. If it is in front of my face, I am more willing to do it.

  21. I’m really good at lists too. Not so good at scheduling specific times but I do cross stuff off my list! I like your scheduling calendar though!

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