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Stop Being Scared and Start Doing the Bold Thing

Decide today that you will stop being afraid and start doing that bold, audacious, courageous thing you dream about. Living in fear does nothing but help you to be more afraid. Instead, step up and do the bold thing of your dreams.

Take a moment now to look at your life. If you are honest with yourself, there is some big, bold dream you have hidden away in your heart. Keep in mind, big and bold varies person to person. For example, there are millions of people who do conferences each year so the idea of doing a conference is not big and bold to them, but to me, it is everything. Do not compare your big, bold thing to someone else. Instead, just find something that is big and bold in your heart and then work to make it happen. Today is the day you can stop dreaming and start doing. I encourage you to start working on a big, bold and audacious thing of your own and share this journey with me.

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Stop being scared and today start doing that bold thing you have been dreaming about.
I have never met a person without a dream.

I meet people in the real world and online every day of the week. Every person I have ever met has had a dream. Some of the dreams are small, sweet and simple. Other dreams are big, bold and audacious. Dreams are precious things. While we can have a new dream each day, they are still precious. They are precious because they are delicate and strong at the same time. Dreams are precious because they full to the brim, perhaps even overflowing with the potential for greatness. Dreams are a valuable commodity. The bigger, bolder and more audacious they are, they more they should not be squandered. Big, bold and audacious dreams should be taken from a dream state to reality.

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It is scary, really scary to take a dream from our brains and secret thoughts to reality. It should be scary. After all, most great things are scary. When man first invented fire – it was scary. When Madame C. J. Walker started dreaming of selling her hair care products, it was scary. When Maya Angelou started writing her poems and sharing them with the world it was scary. When Michelle Obama started her journey to become First Lady of the United States it was scary. But each of those women kept going. No matter how scary things were, they pushed forward until their dreams became reality. Their journeys, their ability to march forward over scary paths are now the things of legends. Their stories are the stories we share with school children to encourage them. There is no reason why you cannot follow your dream and become just as important and inspiring as each of those women.

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Decide today that you will stop being afraid and start doing that bold, audacious, courageous thing you dream about. Living in fear does nothing but help you to be more afraid. Instead, step up and do the bold thing of your dreams.

Today, I am asking you to look at your big, bold and audacious dreams. Pick one of them, the biggest, boldest and most audacious dreams you have. Once you have selected that dream, start taking steps to make it happen. Follow the advice on my notebook, “stop dreaming and start doing.” There is a reason our hearts jump when we hear the phrase, “Just do the darned thing.” That phrase makes us feel stronger, smarter, more capable and more powerful. So select a big, bold and audacious dream and start working on it today.

Pull that dream out of the clouds and bring it to earth so you can make it happen. Pull out your laptop or pen and paper and start creating a SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound) plan to make the dream come true. It is not going to be easy. If you are looking for easy, this is the wrong place to look. It is hard work to make a dream come true. But, it is more than worth the effort. Things worth having are worth working to obtain. The bigger, bolder and more audacious your dream, the harder it will be to obtain. At the same time, the bigger, bolder and more audacious the dream, the more worth attaining it is. So, stop looking for excuses for not working to make the dream reality and instead, put in the work to make the dream real.

Life is for living and dreams are for living. Dreams are a gift. Gifts are meant to be opened, used and enjoyed, not simply set on a shelf. Pick up your dream and spend time each day pushing that thing from dream to reality. Stop dreaming and start doing, and start today!