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Suck it Up and Keep Moving if You Want to Succeed in Life


It is magnificent to suck up the complaining and excuses in order to succeed.

Many people have excuses for why they cannot succeed. They talk about how other people have more advantages. Everyone has heard the cliché, “the grass is greener on the other side.” I say, your grass would be green too if you watered it, fed it, and mowed it. In other words, if you put the good hard work in, you get the good results out.

There is always a reason a mission should fail. You can always find a reason that makes your dream impossible to achieve. A reason to quit can always be found. The hard thing, the challenging thing is to suck up the complaining and excuses and find a way to make things work. The people we admire, who are doing great and wonderful things are not there by chance. They are there because they worked hard and put the time in that is needed to in order to succeed. 



Instead of coming up with reasons why an idea will fail, look at ways to make dreams come true. If you want to leave your job and operate your own business, make a plan. Get out the pen and paper or turn on the computer, tablet, or smartphone and get planning. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. Success is within you. Let it out! Instead of living your life from a place of fear, think about what you would do if success was guaranteed. Go and start doing those things and get rid of all the obstacles to your success.


There is one idea that I hang my hat on all the time when making plans.
The idea that based upon my faith in God and my Christian walk, everything will work out in the end. No matter how hard things are a the beginning or in the middle, when push comes to shove and everything is done, everything will be fine for me. That comforting thought has helped me suck up a lot of bad days and get moving toward the happy times.

So, the question for you this magnificent day is what do you need to suck up in order to succeed at your life’s plan?


Janeane Davis

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  • I always feel happier when I turn my complaints into something positive instead!

  • I need to suck up my anxiety and fear. Those are holding me back.

  • This is important. Mindset is so veeeery important when it comes to making dreams come true.

  • Life maybe suck but make sure we will gonna be succeed whatever happens in life. Thanks for sharing.

  • I think I need to suck up the excuses in order to succeed. Overthinking is killing me!

  • Life is filled with so many ups and downs, we just have to keep going in order to reach our life goals. This article is very inspiring.

  • So much of our life is how we approach things! It is good to be able to weather each storm without giving in.

  • I am so agree with you. We, too often, try to find reasons why an idea can fail. But we don't need to have space for these thoughts!

  • I need to suck up anxiety! Thank you for encouraging me!

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Janeane Davis

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