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Sunday – The Week In Review #011016

Some people find serenity one day per week by reviewing the news they have missed during the course of the week. If you are one of those people, this is the place for you!  Here are the things we covered on Janeane’s World this week.

1. When it comes to your children are you the parent or the friend?

Stay in Your Lane – Be a Parent, Not a Friend



2.  What kind of relationship do you have with power?

Introduction to the “48 Laws of Power”


3. Did you leave your last job with grace or in a blaze of fury?


Be Grateful for Your Job Even When it is Time to Go


4. What was the last new sales technique you tried?



5. Have you ever taken your children to work?


Take Your Children to Work So They Understand What You Do


6. Have you ever used Aesop’s fables to explain things to your children?


Aesop’s Fables – Amazing Tools for Strong Business Results





In conclusion, some people find serenity one day per week by reviewing the news they have missed during the course of the week. Thank you for stopping by to visit with us. I hope your visit was a good one and that you will be back soon. Before you go, the question for you is, what was the best part of your week?

Janeane Davis

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