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Sunday – The Week In Review 101214 — 18 Comments

  1. Thank you for the vote and for the compliment of wanting to share the idea of a weekly recap. Of course you can borrow it. Heck you can use it!

  2. Great way to recap the week and draw attention to the most important parts! Congrats on being nominated.

  3. I voted for you!!! I really hope you win in the business category! I like the idea of a summary of your weekly posts. Can I borrow, pretty please!

  4. I have to write things down so I can remember them easier. I have a tendencies to do this when I am talking to people too. It helps keep me on the conversation!

  5. A plan goes a long way in achieving a goal. Just waiting for things to happen doesn’t generally get things done.

  6. This is such a great post filled with helpful tips! Thanks! I really need to take a look at the procrastination one!

  7. Thanks for the review. I actually plan on creating a to-do list this weekend. My focus is to get out of the habit of procrastinating!

  8. I make lists but I am bad about following them or I lose them. Write it down and most if the time it does not get done.

  9. I thrive and depend on to-do lists.

  10. I have to have a to do list for everything, if not I am usually a mess.

  11. I love making to do lists. I even right things down I’ve already done just so I can cross it off. 😉

  12. I like the nice recap you have here. I need to remember to schedule things more for sure! Congrats on the nomination!

  13. I appreciate the idea of finding out why I don’t do some of the things I need to get done – finding out why I avoid completing some of the tasks that would lead to goal completion. I also need to take time to acknowledge the weeks end and the goals that did get completed. Thank you for this!

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