Spring Into Action – Make One Improvement at Work

It is fantastic for an entrepreneur to spring into action by making one improvement in her business. It is scary to look at a long list of improvements needed and not know where to begin or if the list will ever get completed. There is reason to smile however. The list can be completed, it can be managed. Step by step, piece by piece, the list can get done, and completing tasks is contagious. Spring into action and start making improvements to your business because it is necessary, it is important and it can be done.
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photo credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife via photopin cc

Most entrepreneurs have a long list of improvements needed for their businesses.

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Love Your Work – There is a World of Opportunity

It is wonderful to love your work because there is a world of opportunity.

No matter what kind of work you do, you should find a way to love it because there is opportunity in your work. A person who works for their own business controls the destiny of that business and the destinies of the people employed, this means there is opportunity. A person who works for a small company has the opportunity to come up with amazing ideas to help the company grow. A person who works in the home has the opportunity to make the home a better place for those who live in the home. No matter what kind of work you do, there is opportunity, seek it out, work towards it find a way to make wonderful things happen where you are.

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Faking Confidence in Front Of Clients

It is fantastic to fake confidence in front of clients until the real thing comes. Previous articles  were dedicated to faking confidence in a variety of situations. Previously I wrote about  faking confidence when speaking in public and faking confidence at networking events. Next week, will deal with faking confidence with professional peers. This week is all … Read more