Religion and Business Can Work Together for Smart Entrepreneurs

text box with words" religion is important to me and I spend my life looking for miracles, expecting the impossible and life is always thrilling."

Religion is important to me and I spend my life looking for miracles and expecting the impossible, and life is always thrilling.

As people who read this blog on a regular basis know, I am a Christian wife and mother. I often face difficult situations and I am never defeated at heart because I have faith to rely upon. Often when we face difficult situations, we have no way of knowing how to solve the problem or how to survive until a situation presents itself. It is at these times that faith is the most important and most valuable tool we have. Faith keeps us close to God from whom all our strength and power and solutions come. My faith is ridiculous because it has no bounds and knows no limitations. At the same time it is serious because it is based in a God that never fails.

Take Action Now Because Faith Without Work is Dead faith without work is dead faith without work is dead


It is wonderful to take action now, because faith without work is dead. When you take action now, you get moving in order to accomplish some goal or mission. Often people make plans and they think things will work out and that if they have faith enough. To be honest, sometimes that happens. However, in reality, it is more likely that faith alone will not take a person from dream to plan to success. Often faith alone is not sufficient to succeed, work is needed.

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