Yesterday is Done, Look at Today

It is magnificent to realize that even if you screwed up yesterday, today can be different. When you have done something wrong, it is not the end of the world, take steps to make things better. Sometimes people get so upset about the past they forget what a present the present day can be.  My husband has one method for dealing with every mistake he makes no matter how big or how small.  Here it is: “When you mess up, ‘fess up and then fix up.”  He has applied this formula to every mistake or problem he has had for the 27 years I have known him and this method has worked remarkably well.
magnificent Monday, mistake, mess, accident, apologize, fix, plan
photo credit: twenty_questions via photopin cc
Let’s look at part one. It is inevitable. As long as we are alive on the earth, at one time or another, we are going to make mistakes, do things wrong or just make a mess of a situation.

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