Elected Officials to Join Sen. Hughes Honoring MLK’s Legacy Calling for Education Justice

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Sen. Hughes and other speakers will call for widespread support of Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2021-22 budget for education spending, which calls for a critical state investment to provide more equitable funding for our public schools. The proposal fully funds the state’s fair funding formula and infuses additional dollars into the process so that no schools are harmed by moving to a fully funded formula.

Martin Luther King Day and Service Starts at Home

africn american family and the words Martin Luther King Day and Service Starts at Home

It is fantastic to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by celebrating the service your children do for the family.

In January of each year, attention turns to thoughts of Martin Luther King Jr and community service. Conversations take place in real life and in cyberspace about the importance of being of service to others. Mothers happily share stories of the wonderful service projects their children create or complete.