Healthy Competition with Nestlé Pure Life #CBias #Shop

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It is fantastic to have a healthy competition with your husband and Nestlé Pure Life water can help! I am glad I am a part of #CollectiveBias #Ad so I had an opportunity that pushed me to get on the water bandwagon. My husband and I have engaged in a little competition to get healthy. On March 31, 2015 we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We both need to get in shape so we have a competition to see who gets in the best shape and lose the biggest percentage of body weight by our wedding anniversary. We are still working out the prizes, but the best prize is bragging rights. We are a couple that loves to talk trash, so bragging rights is a big draw.

I don’t know all of my husband’s get in shape tips and tricks and I am not going to spill all mine here, but both of us have turned to water like  you would not believe. I was a big soft drink drinker and have turned to water to quench my thirst, help me get in shape and stay hydrated. A little over a year ago I was hospitalized for dehydration so I have a new and great appreciation for water. Anyway, my husband and I are drinking water like crazy in our attempt to win the competition we are having. This week, I went to our local market to pick up some Nestlé Pure Life water. It is important to drink lots of water because #HealthyHydration is an important part of getting in shape and having a healthy lifestyle. I want a healthy life, not just a get slim quick diet plan!

Once inside the market, I went to the beverage aisle. Of course I saw all the sodas, juices and other things that I used to drink before I decided to challenge my husband to get in shape. I am proud to say that I ignore all those things and looked only at the water section of the shelves. I was looking for the Nestlé Pure Life  water and I found it.  The aisle had the one and two gallon containers which are nice for normal people who want to quench their thirst.

drink aisle for Nestle Pure LIfe Water

However, I am not normal people, I am a woman on a mission to kick her husband’s butt, so I kept looking.  

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