Procrastination – A Year in Review

Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today. If you have heard someone say that more than once and rolled your eyes in response, you may be a person who struggles with procrastination. If you have grand plans that you have trouble carrying out because you always find a reason to put things off until a later date, you may have a procrastination problem. If you have a procrastination problem, check out these articles for tips and tricks on how to conquer procrastination.


Make Your Bed and Beat Procrastination



You can stop procrastination if you learn to make your bed. Almost every person alive knows what procrastination is and has succumbed to it at one time or another. What makes one person a success and another a failure often  is how one handles the pressure to procrastinate. If you have at your disposal a variety of weapons designed to battle procrastination, you may win the war. Learning to make your bed is another weapon in your arsenal.

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Take Action Now – A Year In Review

Mondays at Janeane’s World are all about Take Action Now. The idea behind take action now is that in order to get things done, a person needs to get up,move and take action, now, at this very moment. There are so many people all over the world who want to do things, accomplish great things and live great lives. Many of these people never do things, never reach greatness and lead lives full of regret. One of the reasons for this is that they never get moving, never take action now and get things done. If you are struggling to get things done in your life and need to find a way to take action now to get things done, check out this article which is full of my favorite take action now articles from the past year.


Take Action Now to Follow A Dream 



It is magnificent to know you really can take action now and follow a dream. Some people have beautiful china closets full of gorgeous, precious dishes that look at, dust and admire, but never use. I look at those people with amazement. Often many hours were devoted to finding just the right china pattern, picking out the perfect china closet and to arranging the dishes on the beautiful shelves. The china was put on the shelves to be admired and never used. There are other people who also have beautiful china closets full of gorgeous, precious china dishes that come out of the china closet and make it to the dining room table a couple of times each year. The people in the first group are like people who are reluctant to take TAN aka action now to achieve their dreams. The people in the second group are people understand that there is a time and place for everything.

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Sunday – The Week in Review 092814

Sunday Week in Review Graphic

Some people find serenity one day per week by reviewing the news they have missed during the course of the week.  If you are one of those people, this is the place for you!  Here are the things we covered on Janeane’s World this week.
1. learn to TAN in a book It is magnificent to take action now and to know you can read a book to learn how. In order to get things done, one must learn to TAN aka take action now. All the planning, research and preparedness training in the world will accomplish nothing, until a person steps up and takes action. 

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