A Good Attitude Makes Work and Home Problems Seem Better

Even though it is hard, it is fantastic to have work and home obligations.  Women who work have professional obligations that must be met on a regular basis. At the same time, any woman with a family has obligations to her family that must be met on a daily basis. For some people, attempting to balance these obligations is overwhelming.  For me, the solution to these competing obligations is getting dressed before I get out of bed.

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photo credit: Roadkill0567 via photopin cc

By that I mean, put on your big girl panties and your fake it until you make it dress and get a good attitude about it all. Think about things realistically, no matter how much you complain, pout and hate the situation is not going to disappear on its own. Additionally, while everyone has heard the expression “misery loves company,” no one wants to be that company.

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