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Take Action Now – You Have the Ability — 24 Comments

  1. This is such great info! I had a friend of mine who wanted to start her own business say “but I don’t know if I can do it”, so I had to say…”then, you probably can’t”. Believing in yourself is the first step!

  2. what a wonderful and encouraging article thank you for the advice!

  3. I love your three simple steps! It motivates me to reach my goals!

  4. I think I’m often afraid to put myself out there and do something I haven’t done before. I am quite comfortable with routine, but you’re right. When I do reach a bit, it yields great rewards.

  5. My son’s sensei always says that quote to them. It’s a great thing to remember both in and out of the workforce!

  6. I had a plan and was taking action to reach my goal, then along came the stomach flu and all has been derailed. Time for plan B!

  7. I think most of my is fear. I have so many goals for my blog and online business, but I let the worry of failing creep up and keep me from doing anything at all! I want to work on that and be more productive and active in the new year!!

  8. Thanks for the much needed kick in the rear. This is great advice!

  9. Well said here, it is true that if we have plans it is best to work on it as well in order to fulfill the dreams or plans we created.

  10. Fantastic post thank you so much for sharing – I probably lack both skills and courage although I would love to do some online courses if my body and mind allowed it. x

  11. Those three barriers – skill, courage, and funds – are big issues to overcome, aren’t they? A positive outlook and a little inventiveness go a long way. Thank you for sharing this inspiration!

  12. What a great message. I think a lot of people get discouraged because greatness doesn’t fall in your lap, but you have to make it work if you really want it.

  13. Very cool and very real… especially the funds part. I know many of us plan outside our means… HA

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