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Take Action Now to Accomplish Your Dreams – They Are Closer Than You Think — 42 Comments

  1. Great encouraging post! You’ve got to never stop reaching for it!

  2. love this post i need to remind myself often to never give up on my dreams

  3. I totally agree with the quote. I always challenge my self and have always chased my dreams. Some I’ve achieved which gives me another chance to dreamer more and chase after them.:)

  4. I love the quote in the first graphic. It’s so true! Taking that first step is always the hardest.

  5. That is a good point to only focus at what’s on the top of the list. When I look at the whole list it becomes overwhelming.

  6. I assume that it is just pretty normal for us to be scared at first, but if you really want to risk something to try the posibilities, why not.

  7. I completely agree that the only way to make things happen in your life is to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. The things that you want to accomplish in your life, whether it be a promotion in your job or being able to spend more time with your family, aren’t going to just walk up to you and say “Hey how are you, here’s your goal have a nice day.” You have to work at it!

  8. Thank you for your encouragement, thank you! I am living my dream now – wife, mom, homeschool mom – 5 kids – very blessed!

  9. Great reminder! my dream was to be a stay at home mom so I could homeschool! well I’m at home but in order to do that I work hard blogging and doing other things to make extra income! I also make sacrifices daily to save money!

  10. That is truly inspiring! I have to remind myself to take actions now or else, I’d be left behind.

  11. This is an insightful post and I loved what you had to say Janeane. I’m currently going through the process of working through my dreams and part of it involves building my blog. I am chronically ill with various illnesses so accomplishing my dreams is harder but I know that I will be able to do it. I have a plan but I love the idea of a Smart Plan so I will take a deeper look into it. Thank you for posting this!

  12. I deal with change every two to three years. It’s definitely a different experience but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  13. I have been working toward a new goal for a while now. I should be starting my new goal 12/1 – can not wait. Took a while but worth the wait.

  14. It is hard. I need to write down my actions to get where I want to be. Love your inspiring posts!

  15. I love this… totally true.. I am taking action every day, by living my life to the fullest, without regret!

  16. So true! It’s all about taking one step at a time – anything is possible!

  17. This is great. I needed these encouraging words today. I have so many dreams that just roll around in my head, time to take action

  18. That’s exactly what I need to do. Break my big ideas into smaller, manageable steps and get things rolling a little at a time.

  19. I am going to sit down and write out my goals. It’s been SO long since I’ve done that, I think I’ve lost sight of where I am heading. I need to set goals for the rest of this year as well as for 2014.

  20. GREAT advice! Small steps make a huge difference. It is so much easier to accomplish our goals when we break them down into more manageable pieces (like eating the elephant.) Thanks for sharing!

  21. I’m a firm believer in getting off your butt and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. So many people complain about the rut they are in in life, but few actually do anything to change it. I love to see people making that step!

  22. I have a task I need to work on and I keep doing other things first. If I never start it, it will not get done. Thanks for this. Small steps, even though small, will get me closer to my dreams than not taking the steps at all!

  23. Every time I think of something I want to change, I get overwhelmed! But then I remember, it all just begins with one step. I don’t have to have all changes complete right away. Just make the necessary steps to begin the change.

  24. Hi Jane,

    Love this! This is perfect. Action doesn’t need to be hard or challenging. Simple baby steps, progress, scale up if needed. Thanks Jane!

  25. Sometimes change scares me but I do try and take little steps towards that change x

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