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Take action now and get things done, because there is nothing to be gained from waiting for a mysterious “Someday” to arrive. You don’t get your way by accident, you get your way by getting up and making things happen. Reward comes when you take action now and work for what you want.


“Someday” is not a day on the calendar if you want to succeed and be happy, stop waiting, take action now and get things done.


In life, it is important to remember that if you don’t take action now to get things done, nothing will get done. Talk is cheap. It is easy to talk, plan and scheme. That is why everyone has an opinion about everything on the planet. Action costs. Action is expensive because it requires work and sacrifice. The following math problem illustrates the principle perfectly and it is my favorite riddle about what it means to take action now.


There were five birds sitting on a telephone wire talking about life. Three of the birds decided to fly south for vacation.
Q. How many birds were left?
A. Five. Because deciding to do something is not the same thing as actually getting up and doing something.


Think about your life. How many times have you planned to do something, from grand things like going back to school to get your doctorate degree to small things like doing the laundry. How many times has just deciding to do something actually made that thing happen? Is it more accurate to say that in order for things to get done, you need to take action now and get moving. Think about it, you can all day long every day and twice on Sunday that you are going to go back to school to get your doctorate degree. No matter how much deciding you do and no matter how serious your decision, you will never earn that doctorate until you take action now and apply to a doctoral program, get accepted, pay for the classes and complete the program. If you have children, think about how many times they have decided to do their chores and hours later, the chores remained undone.

Success cannot happen without work. It is simply not possible. Start right now and think of something you want to do. If you are scared start with something small. If you are brave or want to go big, think of that big thing you want to do. It doesn’t matter what, just start right now and pick a thing you want to do, that you have been thinking about and have not done and take the first step toward accomplishing it. It doesn’t matter if you have been thinking about this thing for hours, days, weeks or even years without taking action to get it done. Don’t think about that. Push those thoughts far from your mind. Force yourself to do one thing towards accomplishing the plan you have decided to complete. Then, the next day, do the same thing again. Each day take at least one step toward accomplishing your goal.

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