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Take Action Now and Get Just the Right Workplace — 21 Comments

  1. So true….I never thought about it before. I am the decider of the feel of my office! Good Post!

  2. We finished our business and made me a beautiful office space to work in and I rarely do. I definitely need to!

  3. My daughter in law skypes her mom every weekend. It is nice for her to see her mom’s expressions, and nice for her mom too because she gets to see the little one (granddaughter).

  4. I definitely prefer being a work at home mom. I work on my own time and at my own pace.

  5. Yes!!! Human being re social creatures and we need an opportunity to get out and be among other people.

  6. These are great points. I think some of the methods you outlined would help me be much more productive.

  7. I have started working at the library once a week. I need to get out and interact with people or I start going crazy!

  8. I am the opposite of you. I like having dedicated office space for all my equipment and supplies.

  9. I work from home and pretty much live at my kitchen table even though I have a room I was supposed to turn into an office! I realize I’d rather be in the middle of the action!

  10. I don’t really work from home but I am a SAHM now that I’ve retired. There is nothing quite like it but it does seem like I do more work now that I’m at home compared to when I was actually at work.

  11. I don’t work in my pajamas either. I get up, shower dress and act like I am at work. I save the pajamas for my down time.

  12. I am glad you like the library idea. You can work in a noisy section or the quiet section depending on your distraction tolerance. It is great!

  13. One of my favorite things is being able to work at my home office when I want and then switch up to my satellite office aka the coffee-house.

  14. Working from Home is great! The best par is not sitting in Traffic for Hours. I use to have dedicated days when I would work outside the home at a Coffee Shop for example just to maintain normalcy

  15. I love being a WAHM and being here for my son.. I only have a few more years before he is off to college so every minute is precious.

  16. I love being a WAHM. It’s interesting to me to see what works and what doesn’t. Mainly, people think I work in my pajamas and I don’t! I totally have to get fully dressed and showered to feel more productive. And it’s hard for me to take a lunch break!

  17. I am happy that I no longer work outside of the home. It is important to find the right job, though.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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