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When you are a WAHM, aka Work At Home Mom, you must take action now in order to find ways to get the most bang for your buck and use your space wisely. It is not like when you rent office space and you can just move to a bigger office!  Being a WAHM is definitely an area where you need to work smart, not just hard.


Working at home is great, but don’t forget satellite offices are good as well.


I truly enjoy being a WAHM. I like not having to commute, no dress code and being available to care for my children if they become ill. Normally, I get my children off to school and husband off to his work and go to my office in order to get done what needs doing. I like to work, so when I sit down at my desk and start working on my various projects for the various blogs and businesses I operate, normally,  I do not mind the lack of conversation with co-workers.


On those occasions when I do want to talk with another person or need to collaborate for a project or just to enjoy company there are quite a few tools at my disposal. One is the chat feature in Google. It is great to be able to have conversations about projects and life with friends, clients and collaborators. Using the computer to chat rather than texting on the smart phone is easy to do. It is nice to be able to say all I have to say without worrying about text message limits. It is also much easier to type on the computer or laptop keyboard than the smart phone keyboard.


There is something wonderful about seeing a person’s face when you talk to each other. When you can see a woman’s face and look into her eyes while you talk and see her reaction to your words it makes things flow in a natural manner. On those occasions, Google Hangouts and Skype are invaluable tools. Often our conversations flow freer and easier when we can see each other as we speak. Facial expressions and being able to gesture with your hands leads to richer more rewarding conversations.


At the same time, sometimes you need and indeed should, get out of the house and walk around among the living. When you want to get out and about there are a lot of options available to you. Once of the most popular options is the local coffee-house. Once or twice a week for the price of a large decaf, I can spend the morning with my laptop or tablet and work out in the world among a dozen or so other commuting workers. All of whom are hunched over one electronic device or another with a smart phone and a cup of something hot and delicious. Everyone is working on something different, but there is a bond of sorts because everyone is working in the same place at the same time.


My local library is also a great place to get out and work. I like it because it has something called a reading porch where you can read, do work and even eat and drink. It is a nice place to go with a packed lunch and spend the day working on projects in a new and different atmosphere. Like the local coffee-house, there are other people doing the exact same thing you are doing, so you have company and will not feel out-of-place.


Yet another option is shared work locations. In most major metropolitan areas and increasingly in smaller ones, you can rent an office, desk space or cubicle in an office complex. This is a great option because you get out, go to an actual office location and work. Many of these facilities boast great internet access, amenities like free coffee, conference rooms and the ability to network with others.


As all this shows, being a WAHM doesn’t mean you are alone all the time or that you are stuck working at home. Use technology like your laptop, tablet and smartphone to take your show aka work on the road and enjoy all the world has to offer!


Use your space wisely and create solutions custom-made for your space and work habits.


At the same time, when you do work at home, make your workspace comfortable and unique to your style and way of working. Don’t worry about all the ways your friends have set up their office spaces. Don’t worry about the new trends and cute magazine shots. Instead, create what you want and do things how you want. You will be happy and more productive that way.


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