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Take Action Now and Get Rid of Shame — 13 Comments

  1. I have that same problem. I was supposed to make a trip last year that never happened. I hope we both get our trips in this year.

  2. I am glad to hear taking action worked for you. It is funny, the more we avoid problems the bigger they get in reality adn in our minds. Taking action gives us control, power and often peace.

  3. ahh shame. guilt behind it takes up too much energy. repenting and changing your ways takes less energy.

  4. This post is talking to me. I have a financial situation that I’m dealing with now that I was so ashamed to tell anyone about. Once I opened up…I was able to get help I need to TAKE ACTION and resolve the problem.

  5. I try very hard to keep my word. It is important to me that people know I show up when I say I will.

  6. I like what you say is the key, being accountable and then starting again. We cannot change the past, it is done. But we all have the power to make changes so tomorrow will be different.

  7. Glad I could help. There are a lot of issues of shame involving people and credit issues.

  8. Thanks Janeane. This is definitely something I am working on. It’s interesting when you get rid of the shame and share your challenges, that some folks look at you like you have two heads. 🙂

    But the key is being accountable and picking back up and starting again. Most appreciative.

  9. This is perfect as an introduction to Credit Education Month which begins this Friday, March 1st. Thanks Janeane!

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