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Take Action Now and Start Your Business

Take Action Now to Start Your Business

Question – When is the right time to take action now and start a business?

Answer – Now!

If you have ever dreamed of starting a business, take action now and start that business. When it comes to starting a business, people have a lot of reasons why the business cannot be started now. Some of those reasons include lack of:

• Time
• Energy
• Money
• Education
• Experience

These are all good and valid reasons that make it hard to start a business. An important thing to keep in mind is that all these reasons can be fixed. Even with all these things missing, you can still take action now and start your business today.


We all have only 24 hours in each day. If your life does not have time to start your dream business, you can make changes and start your business today. To do this, get your calendar out and start making some decisions. What do you currently do that you can stop doing so you can do activities for your new business? What things can be moved around? What can you do during your lunch break? Are you able to get up half an hour earlier? Can you go to bed a half hour later?

These small changes give may not give you the time you need to run your business. But they will give you time for planning. Time is finite, so any time that you find that can be harnessed for your business is precious. A good thing is that is if you learn to use time in a smart way now, that knowledge will help you run your business better in the future.



You need energy if you are going to run a business. If you are concerned that you do not have the stamina needed to run a business, you can make a change. First, be sure to speak with your doctor to see if there is a medical reason for your lack of energy. If there is, take the steps needed to solve your energy issues. Once you are medically cleared, take steps to do what you need to do to increase your stamina. When you find a way to increase your stamina to the level you need to run your business, maintain your stamina. As an entrepreneur, you will need more energy than you can imagine right now.



It is no secret that money is needed to run a business. You cannot be successful in business without money. If finances are a concern for your business, take action now to get the funds you need to run your business. There are several ways you can get money to run your business. Consider the following:

• Savings – a rainy day fund that can be used to fund your business start-up

• Loans – business loans can be used for business start-ups

• Investment from friends and family – this is a common way for people to fund business start-ups

• Payroll deductions – direct deposit part of your pay into an account to be used for your business

• Part-time employment – this additional income can be saved and used for your business

• Asset sales – the proceeds from the sale of real estate, stocks, and other assets can be used to finance your business



If you lack the education you need to start your business, take action now to get the education you need. If formal education is needed for licensure or certification for your business, start taking the steps you need to go to school. If formal education is not needed, look creative ways to get the education you need. The following may help:

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