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Take Action Now and Appreciate Your Plans



Take action now and show your plans some appreciation. Almost everyone has heard the expression, “if you fail to planyou plan to fail.” As a result, each day people sit down and plan what they will do, when they will do it and with whom they will do it. There is often joy in the planning process and with gathering organizing and planning devices, penciling in appointments and writing plans in pen and adding the plans to various electronic devices. Do not plan in vain, the best show of appreciation you can give your plans is to take action now and get them done.

Look at your vision board, to do list, project management program or whatever it is you use to store your plans. Take time now to look long and hard at those great plans you made. Do you remember the sense of accomplishment you felt once the plans were complete? More likely than not, once you finished the plans, dotted all the things that needed dotting and crossed all the things that needed crossing you felt a warm sense of sweet and fulfilling satisfaction. What you may not realize is that once you complete the plans, once you do all the things you planned to do, once you take action now and get those plans done, you will feel even better. There is something truly delicious and spectacular about what you feel when you take action now and get done what you planned.


Take action now to accomplish your plans. Your plans are real, not just pie in the sky.


In addition, the very act of taking action now to accomplish your plans does something to you mentally emotionally and spiritually that gives you the encouragement, support and push you need to make more plans that you can take action now to accomplish. This may well lead to a course of behavior that will have you taking action now to accomplish all kinds of things. It is that big a deal, that real a matter. Go ahead and dream the impossible dream. It is a fun activity and a great thing to do, but don’t stop there. Take action now, follow the instructions in your plans and make your dreams come true. When you take action now to accomplish what is in your plans, you may find yourself living your dreams instead of merely dreaming them and hoping they will happen one day.



In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and show your plans some appreciation. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, how do you show your plans appreciation?


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