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Take Action Now and Appreciate Your Plans — 24 Comments

  1. I show my plans appreciation by acknowledging them. Once I reconnect with them I poised to take action on them.

    Take action + follow the plan = achieve your dreams. That truly is the way to do it.


  2. I was just talking to my daughter about this topic. We discussed taking action progressively so that we had several active points and less consecutive planning points.

  3. I’m pretty good at not procrastinating to much. I’m a big list maker and might try the concept of a vision board too!

  4. I am taking that approach on being healthy. Last week I said enough saying I need to do it – time to start doing it! One week down and a life time to go.

  5. I have a major TAN moment that I always seem to botch, but hopefully I will be able to just do it soon!

  6. When I stopped thinking about doing and actually started doing, everything changed!

  7. I never really thought about appreciating my plans but it makes total sense! Great advice!

  8. The first step is always the hardest

  9. Instructions are a very important part of any plan. I need to get better about writing instructions down for each day and sticking to them. I get in a habit and am doing well, then I get off track.

  10. I really need to sit down and actually draft out some real plans, instead of just brainstorming what I hope I’ll accomplish.

  11. Nothing could beat a heart that’s ready to take action.

  12. thankfully, I’ve had the take action motto in place for awhile! Makes life easier!

  13. Great advice. I am one who makes the plans, then HAS to stick to them. Hubby drives me crazy because he likes to wing it

  14. My problem is following through on my plans. I always start out really good and then procrastinate and never follow through.

  15. You provide great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I just wish my take action now moments didn’t follow longer moments of procrastination. I’m so bad about it!

  17. I am appreciative of everything that goes my way. That is great advice.

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