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Take Action Now – Don’t Let Fear Stop You



It is magnificent to TAN aka take action now because there  no reward for fear. A reality of life is that nothing gets done until action takes place. That is the idea behind the phrase “take action now.” The point is that procrastination must stop, and a way to get things done must be found. One thing that keeps people from taking action now and getting things done is fear. Fear is commonly defined as an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension because of the anticipation of danger. There are several approaches to dealing with fear. One approach is to hide, procrastinate or be paralyzed. Another reaction is to put on the big girl panties, suck up the fear and to move, to take action now even though the fear is present.

There are many methods for moving forward and taking action even when fear is ever-present and perhaps even overwhelming in nature. The approach that has worked best for me is one I got from the television show Lost. In the pilot episode of that show, one of the main characters stated that he faced a scary, serious and important situation. He allowed panic go overtake him, to overwhelm him and consume him, but only for five seconds. After the five seconds were up, he moved forward, he began to take action now. When he began to take action now, he got done what needed doing and was able to save a woman’s life and keep her from being paralyzed for life.

I apply this method to my life and it works well for me. I have used this method in personal and professional circumstances including the following:

  • after my children and I were walking and run down by a hit and run driver
  • before giving lesson via Google hangout
  • at the start of a presentation to a school board group dealing with racism in education
  • dealing with a teenager who is upset about her prospects for the future
  • when my website memory was problematic and I could not get access to my blog

In all these things it was time for me to take action now. I needed to do something rather immediately and at the same time I   faced fear for a variety of reasons. Action was needed and the fear I felt was real. So, I pulled out my “5 Second Lost Method” and began to take action now even in the face of the fear.  After five seconds of  being scared, experiencing panic and being nervous, I mentally put on my big girl panties on and did what was needed in each of the circumstances listed above. I was blessed and fortunate in all these circumstances and was able to rise to the occasion and to do what was needed and to perform as the situations required. It is important to note that sometimes, I have had my coping technique more than once to get through a situation.

The method I use of course is not the only method available nor is it the only method  that can successfully be employed to take action now in the face of fear. In fact, it is not important what method is used, the important thing is that you must find a method that works for you and then use that method each time a situation arise where you need to take action now but are faced with fear. If the fear comes back and starts to over take you, use your coping technique as any times as needed to get the job done. Once you start to take action now, do not stop just because fear rises up again. Do what you need to do to put the fear at bay and continue to move, to take action now.



In conclusion, it is  magnificent to take action now because there  no reward for fear. So, the question for you this magnificent day is are you ready to take action now and even though there is real fear you feel?

Janeane Davis

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  • Action is the precedence of self-confident but fear sometimes put it off.

  • Fear takes us nowhere and taking action leads us to reap rewards.

  • So true. thank you for this - we shouldn't let fear stop us. :)

  • You have a way with words, better than I, to explain how I've been living since becoming a parent. Great tips, and wish more could live this way!

  • Janeane you are always so thought provoking in a good way! I'm super excited to be in the Writers program with you!!

  • Thank you for the Inspiration, being that I am at the present time facing a huge challenge and event, fear keeps knocking till I can physically feel it. But I've invested too much to turn back now and have to keep applying Tan. Like Joyce Meyer say, " DO IT AFRAID"

  • That's true. When you are scared, you sometimes just have to persevere and get through it.

  • The five second rule is a great method! We can't stay paralyzed by fear.,

  • Our message in church on Sunday was about the biggest blessings coming from things we'd rather avoid. So true!

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